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Foursquare — great Foursquare client that brings you all the stuff you need when it comes to location sharing. Get it from here. Weather Touch — simple, but useful weather forecast app that automatically gets your position and displays the current conditions as well as 5-day forecast in a very pleasant way. You might want to try http: I have a problem with this phone!!! I think you might saved that contact twice. Thinking of finnaly upgrading to a smartphone. Is this a nice introduction or should I look somewhere els for a smartphone. I need some help with the YouTube Application. I typed m.

I downloaded from m. So if you know a link to the youtube app please tell me. I have been trying to find a good app that can make my inbox sms look like chat, like conversations that other Nokia phones have… My friend has an N8 and has an inbox plus another thing called conversations. Can anybody tell me a good app from Nokia store that will work on C-6 and make my sms look like chat? For nokia c6. Ovi stor not available in my country..

Im frm syria! What i can do?? Applephones, samsungs,Nokia ect.. We are the most users of internet world wide. Nokia used to be our favourite, but it is no longer. People are migrating to most smarter phones. The reason for this mass migration to other mobile phones is that we are getting what we look for. Nokia is not satifying our growing need to discover the world of technology. I am the only one who has not migrated yet, but seriously thinking of doing so. I am using Nokia c Why your services are not available in Sudan? GPS available is showcased when i open camera of my phone and balance is deducted… how to get it right?

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Adi June 7th, I heard the Swype is also a gr8 app for those who dont like d existing qwerty keyboard. Kride June 13th, Call traker and voice changer must b mised for 26 August 4th, Benji Griffith August 5th, Jack Rose February 17th, Nadia September 21st, I want to know if Nokia C6 provides free nimbuzz calls …Thank you. Johan David September 29th, Ninety 90 days for the media on which any software is provided,e. CD-ROM, memory card.

As far as your national laws permit, the Warranty Period will not be extended or renewed or otherwise affected due to subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the Product. However, repaired part s will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period or for sixty 60 days from the date of repair, whichever is longer. Information about Nokia care centers, Nokia designated service locations and Nokia call centers can be found at local Nokia web pages where available.

You must return your Product or the affected part if it is not the entire Product to a Nokia care center or Nokia designated service location before the expiry of the Warranty Period. When making a Limited Warranty claim you have to present: Nokia Care Centre Locater: To the extent permitted by applicable law s , Nokia does not warrant that any Nokia software will meet your requirements, will work in combination with any hardware or software applications provided by a third party, that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free or that any defects in the software are correctable or will be corrected.

This Limited Warranty does not cover a.

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This unauthorised access can take place through hacking, password-mining or through a variety of other means. This Limited Warranty does not cover defects caused by the fact that the battery has been short-circuited or by the fact that the seals of the battery enclosure or the cells are broken or show evidence of tampering or by the fact that the battery has been used in equipment other than those for which it has been specified. This Limited Warranty does not apply if the Product has been exposed to moisture, to dampness or to extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to rapid changes in such conditions, to corrosion, to oxidation, to spillage of food or liquid or to influence from chemical products.

Therefore, Nokia will not accept responsibility under this warranty for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of the cellular or other network or system. Before the Product can be repaired or replaced, the operator may need to unlock any SIM-lock or other lock that may have been added to lock the product to a specific network or operator. Please remember to make back-up copies or keep written records of all important content and data stored in your Product, because content and data may be lost during repair or replacement of the Product.

All parts of the Product or other equipment that Nokia has replaced shall become the property of Nokia. If the returned Product is found not to be covered by the terms and conditions of the Limited Warranty, Nokia and its authorized service companies reserve the right to charge a handling fee. When repairing or replacing the Product, Nokia may use products or parts that are new, equivalent to new or re-conditioned. Your Product may contain country specific elements, including software.

If the Product has been re-exported from its original destination country to another country, the Product may contain country specific elements that are not considered to be a defect under this Limited Warranty. Limitation Of Nokia's Liability This Limited Warranty is your sole and exclusive remedy against Nokia and Nokia's sole and exclusive liability in respect of defects in your Product. However, this Limited Warranty shall neither exclude nor limit i any of your legal statutory rights under the applicable national laws or ii any of your rights against the seller of the Product. This Limited Warranty replaces all other Nokia warranties and liabilities, whether oral, written, non-mandatory statutory, contractual, in tort or otherwise, including, without limitation, and where permitted by applicable law, any implied conditions, warranties or other terms as to satisfactory quality or fitness for purpose.

To the extent permitted by applicable law s Nokia does not assume any liability for loss of or damage to or corruption of data, for any loss of profit, loss of use of Products or functionality, loss of business, loss of contracts, loss of revenues or loss of anticipated savings, increased costs or expenses or for any indirect loss or damage, consequential loss or damage or special loss or damage. Statutory Obligations This Limited Warranty must be read subject to any statutory provisions that imply warranties or conditions into this Limited Warranty that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified or cannot be excluded, restricted or modified except to a limited extent.

If such statutory provisions apply, to the extent to which Nokia is able to do so, its liability under those provisions will be limited, at its option to, in the case of goods: Your Product is a sophisticated electronic device. Nokia strongly encourages you to familiarize yourself with the user guide and instructions provided with and for the Product. Please also note that the Product might contain high precision displays, camera lenses and other such parts, which could be scratched or otherwise damaged if not handled very carefully.

All warranty information, product features and specifications are subject to change without notice. This code may not function on all devices. For detailed instructions on finding out the software version on your particular device, please consult your user guide. Step 2 If you are able to select Options, you may Check for updates immediately and update using only your device. You need not perform the remaining steps. Otherwise, your display will show your current software version number e. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery e.

Link - http: Nokia is committed to continuous product development and welcomes your comments about the Device software updates. Please share both your positive experiences as well as improvement ideas for further software updates with us by sending your comments through this feedback page. Which one is right for you? It also allows touch pens otherwise know as a Stylus to be used.

Capacitive iPhone - Best for situations that require high speed response and long lasting reliability. The iPhone uses the more advanced capacitive technology, which doesn't need actual contact. Capacitive sensors sit behind the glass and sense when the electrical field is disturbed. It allows for multi touch etc, which most touch screens are not capable of.

Because there is no resistive film, it allows the display to be brighter. Capacitive screens are more expensive the manufacture, but given the massive price tag of the N97, you'd have thought Nokia would use the best type of screen possible? Especially as it looks likely to be pitched against the iPhone.

Further Reference: Free mail account from Ovi by Nokia. Email for everyone, the Ovi Mail is free email that you can use directly from your Nokia mobile phone and on the Web. With yourname ovi. You get 1 GB of storage and your email is secure. Anytime, anywhere access - Use your free email address from Ovi by Nokia on your mobile phone or access free webmail on any PC. This is the major difference. Thanks to cricfancy from allaboutsymbian. Show posts by this member only Post 3.

Minor Update v Maps - Maps startup is now almost instantaneous, speed through all the Maps menus very fast, even faster than Maps 2. Music Player - The biggest change is the equaliser improvements. There is a huge improvement in sound quality, even background sounds and other channels are more noticeable. The default equaliser settings are quite good. And bass is less crunchy than before. In the past, there was some degree of delay, even running multiple applications now, that behaviour has been improved remarkably.

Which is a marked improvement in the functioning and stability of the music player. Screen tearing and slow speed for album art to appear is still present though. Video Centre - Logo has changed for the video centre in the menu. Sound quality appears to have been improved also. Search - Application has been upgraded from v4. Web - Rendering of webpages has improved in speed since Others - Overall system speed has been improved so it is somewhat faster than The slight freezes that have occurred, the phone has recovered from flawlessly.

Home Screen - Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, browser. Video - Real Player Updated. Calls Related - New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked. Others - Touch more responsive. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Check out their accessories maybe you can get a bundle price for it: The comes with various bits and pieces included in the box, it's important to make sure you have them all as soon as you buy the phone.

Note that accessories may vary from region to region, and network-locked models may also have different sales packages. The following list is what comes with the standard European unlocked Earpiece New Batch Problem Fixed - You can check this by pressing on the earpiece when making a call the volume should be constant and not soft then loud. Light Leakage - Most phone having this problem on the top right where your signal bar is look under there should be some light leakage.

Functionality and Performance - If you do not have budget constraint, then go for the best hp in the market, despite the price is sky rocketing till RM2k-RM3k, if you thinking about issit worth it or not then you can go to next step.

Cubot MAX Unboxing&Hands on&First Look(Cheapest 6inch smartphone/phablet/4G)2016/2017

Value for money - Simple calculation on how to select your phone, 1st: List down all the function you hope you can acquire, 2nd: List down all the function that you must have, after u list down, then you can start comparing how? Put separate pricing for all the things you wan according to importancy. RM, this is to quantify what you need and dont need.

Add up all the value together and you get a total price, the one with the highest price using this method will be the one that can satisfy you the most, however if you thinking worth it or not you will have to look at the difference of your ideal estimation and the actual price, lowest difference between ur estimation and actual will be the one u looking for. My pricing according function to my preference Must have list: Features such as multi-format music player, stereo speakers, hi-fi sound with eight-band equaliser, eight gigabytes GB of storage and 1, free song downloads will likely go down well with audiophiles.

The Media Bar accommodates quick access to music, podcasts and other multimedia files as well as the Internet. To enjoy audio on the go, the device can be matched with the supplied hands-free kit. The stereo surround sound capability delivered by the built-in speakers lets you share your music experience loud. Responsive to fingertip, stylus and plectrum control, the screen also provides automatic screen rotation through its built-in accelerometer and accommodates handwriting input.

Note that when switching from vertical to horizontal view, or vice versa, the screen will go blackout for a second before popping again to show your preferred view. To enhance the home screen view, Nokia added the Contacts bar, where you can place the avatars of four best friends or family members on the main screen. You can also edit the photos to your liking. Meanwhile, video recording can be done at up to by pixels at 30 frames per second. Recording is only limited by the size of the available memory, and with the supplied 8GB Micro Secure Digital card to add to the existing 81 megabytes of internal memory, you can get cool footages of concerts, showcases and other fun events.

Sharing those files is also easy as the XpressMusic offers a comprehensive list of connectivity options, the easiest being Bluetooth and USB 2. And with the Nokia CAU video-out cable, which comes with the package, your pictures and footages can be shown on the television for all to enjoy. A wireless LAN wizard program comes pre-loaded to help you out. Be it uploading photos to your blog or downloading the online news pages, the horizontal view that the screen supports creates a convenient Web surfing experience.

From tracking location to routing the next destination, directions come with pedestrian walk or satellite hybrid views. The package includes Nokia Maps with seven days of real-time navigation anywhere in the world for you to try out. Features aside, the XpressMusic may come across looking like a typical candybar phone. Although thicker than many other Nokia candybars, this model feels solid and its glossy front bezel adds a bit of sophistication to the design. Besides that, the rubbery feel of its back panel makes the device easy to grip.

All ports also come with a protective lid, while buttons are nicely tucked in the front and sides, making the overall look simple and practical. The XpressMusic offers plenty of value for money. As for Malaysians intended sales variants, Nokia only releases 3 different type for us, they are: It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Except when it is used to deceive people and rob them.

This short guide should help you avoid falling into the trap that scammers have laid for you. First of all, just look at the price. There's no such thing as a free lunch and if something looks too good to be true then there's a significant probability that it simply is too good to be true. I recently saw multiple cases of people buying what they thought to be genuine Nokia Sapphire Artes but turned out to be Chinese fakes. Purely on that basis I would have left that phone well alone. Secondly, the photos. Most online auction sites allow photos of the item for auction to be posted in order to give potential buyers an idea of what they're bidding for.

Always be wary of sellers who only provide photos that come directly from Nokia's Press Site. You are not seeing a photo of the actual device being sold, you are seeing generic photos used for publicity's sake. Insist on seeing photos of the phone being sold and if the seller doesn't want to send you any then walk away.

Obtaining such photos serves a double purpose: Secondly, you can return the phone as non-compliant if it is evidently not the phone on the photos that you were told were photos of it. Thirdly, the IMEI number. The IMEI number is a digit unique number that identifies the phone in question. Insist upon having it. If it's not the model that's being sold then the seller is trying to pull a fast one on you. Of course, it could be that the seller does communicate the IMEI number of an authentic Nokia phone to you but sends you a fake with a completely different IMEI number.

In that case, the phone shipped to you is obviously different from the one promised and you can return it and annull the sale. Fourthly, if the phone is being represented as the "Chinese version" then it almost certainly is a fake. Nokia does have a production plant in China so "Made in China" isn't at all grounds for rejection, but "Chinese version" is. While it's true that there is a genuine "Chinese" version of many Nokia phones they have neither WiFi nor 3G capability as demanded by the Chinese government , it's not something a seller would shout about. If they do say that it's a "Chinese version" phone then the chances are that it's not a Nokia at all and it's more like a "Chinese fake".

The four points above assume you don't have access to the phone yet because you're buying it online through an auction site or just an online retailer. A few things you can look at if you can get your hands on it before buying are as follows. If the phone you're looking at doesn't do this then it's not a Nokia. Try and get the firmware version currently installed in the phone. There's no way to validate formally the information you'll see but one thing that means the phone you're looking at definitely is a fake is the date of the firmware revision in American format, MM-DD-YYYY, "" for example.

If you're unsure, note down exactly what you see and ask on the Nokia Support Discussions forum. Finally, ask if you can plug the phone into the USB socket of your laptop computer with the provided cable assuming one is provided. There's no need to install any software on your laptop, all you want to see is how the phone reacts. Or combinations thereof. Options frequently seen on fakes and never on genuine Nokias include "webcam" and "comport". If the phone you're looking at displays either of these two options then it's definitely a fake. There are many risks involved with the purchase of an expensive piece of equipment like a high-end mobile phone.

Many of them can be eliminated by not trusting auction sites with a reputation as shady in that area as the one that comes to mind first of all, who went on the record condoning the sale of counterfeit items in the name of "consumer choice". The risks diminish significantly if you purchase either online or in a real store but from somewhere that has a good reputation and a good returns policy.

If you do get yours from your mobile network operator then it will also be a genuine Nokia albeit tampered with by the operator. Useful Links: Show posts by this member only Post 5. Show posts by this member only Post 6. GPS satellites continuously transmit their location relative to the Earth, and your phone's GPS receiver can calculate its own position if it knows the position of at least three satellites.

When using this, small amounts of data are transmitted so you need a network-based internet service from your network operator for which you may be charged by the download volume. Only small amounts of data are involved, but you should take care using this feature if you are travelling outside your own country as roaming data charges can be high. Network-based - whenever your phone is switched on and in range of your operator's network, it knows which base station commonly known as the transmitter or mast it is connected to, and using that information it can approximate your position using this network data.

This is an additional help in obtaining a GPS fix, and it also makes a brief data connection. Recommended to use 1 and 3 only chargeable of RM0. A number of factors can affect your phone's ability to obtain its GPS position: If you have one of these, an external GPS receiver or signal booster can be very useful.

For us to getting the first GPS location fix, there are 3 requirement need to be fulfill: The time the message was sent 2. Precise orbital information the ephemeris 3. The general system health and rough orbits of all GPS satellites the almanac. To simplify its meaning: The time on ur devices and the time of the satellite 2.

The satelite actual time data need to keep the devices syn with the satellite 3. The satelite orbits location at certain time how many satellite will possible visible by the devices GPS fix steps: During the cold GPS device startup devices reboot , the phone dont have all 3 data and it will try to scan through all 32 GPS satellite signal signature that's why an open space needed to let the phone detected as many satellite as possible 2.

The phone then will download all those available satellite signal and do calculation no. If no A-GPS then the phone will have to download those no. Once the no. Remember all those satellite signal will need to collect 1 by 1 although run at parallel if no A-GPS enable. Those no. Shutdown ur phone 2. Reboot the phone 3. Go to an open space 4.

Run Garmin XT 6. Go into the the satellite status view screen in Garmin 7. At least 4 satellites needed for Garmin to start calculating minimum requirement. Wait till the bar turn to solid anyone of it. Stop ur timer. Sometimes lucky and might get a faster time that's because it' not sure a reboot will 'confirmed" deleted the satellite cache No. Contributed by sklchan. A-GPS charges once per lock u get on the specific coordinate captured by satellite.

The charges may also increase on below situation: You locked position at home, moving towards KLCC. Upon reaching Subang Jaya using federal highway, the satellite lost you device detection and no GPS available. Then the lock is gained again when you reach Kelana Jaya. In this situation, u were moving and the distance is quite far and possible to immediate lock is a less chance. Download Nokia Maps: Download Nokia Maps Offline Version - http: Offline finding tips, make sure use rough names, eg.

Do a fresh installation and configuration of the new Nokia OVI maps. Connect device via Mass Storage mode. It seems to be a small issue, where by Nokia might wants the user to go online search for the first time on the Nokia Maps before subsequent searches are performed offline mode. This may due to device authentication data sent online to Nokia for log purpose. It works! Setup your WiFi setting. Verify the WiFi functionality browse some web page. Set the WiFi as 1st priority inside the destination internet setting.

Set the WiFi as the default access point for the internet. Edit the 3G internet setting and change the "password prompt" to YES. Load up the maps loader. Click on the delete maps from storage. Reload in the maps at least the malaysia map must be selected. Load as well the voice guidance file. Wait for all the downloading and uploading finished. Run Location and disable the agps and network under positioning setting.

Run the OVI maps. When the 3G internet prompt up select cancel do not connect if it still pop up, suppose wont because we already disable A-GPS and network in Location setting. Go to setting and change the internet to online. Select appropiate voice guidance file. Go outside where more satelite can be search. Now go to my location and wait for the satelite to get a fix might be take long since no agps Once confirm WiFi working switch back to maps view. The most useful for the 3G internet password prompt when agps and network positioning enable: Steps 18 and 19 are needed because sometime during the first time OVI maps run it will set it "previous' location as some where maybe not within Malaysia and if this happen and you dont have those location maps downloaded in the database then it will direct download from the internet and who know which access point it gonna use if it use 3G internet then you will lost lots of phone credits for those huge maps data , confirm this if you dont have the maps data install it will direct download the file.

For manual copy and paste, see the file structure below screenshot: You can actually free up 2. Garmin Mobile XT GPS is a rich, full-featured navigation application with 3D maps, simplified user interface, and advanced features such as saved routes and tracks, with one time purchase; no monthly fees and Garmin Online services for real-time traffic, fuel prices, weather, and hotel rates. Install the. Step 10 Copy the device unlock code and paste it in a notepad, then save the file as SW.

UNL Step 11 Reconnect your via cable using mass storage. Step 12 Copy the SW. Step 16 Wait for satellite signal to strengthen and then you can start navigating around various places with confidence. Garmin WebUpdater - http: Back up any Garmin data Optional. Uninstall any previous Garmin versions Optional. Update the Garmin XT Mobile. Please purchase Garmin XT Mobile, then they will supply you with the unlock code! It is the map which is updated frequently by the Malsing community based on the contribution of the user.

There is a GOLD version for members who contributed to the community. Link to Navnet map in Kalimantan 2. Coverage of Southern Thailand 3. Optional Chinese POI 4. New POI icons 6. New POI categories with custom icons soon 7. Topo contours are added into Full-version map 9. New multi-language installer No more error when uploading map through Mapsource Download: Which map is better is up to the user's own opinion. Below are some facts that will help you judge.

Download syria talk for nokia c6

Comparison is based on MFM v1. MSM has better coverage for Batu Pahat. MFM's focus is on major town centres. Install the map to your PC 3. Copy the. Inserting Multiple Maps - Garmin XT During my research into GarminXT and finding maps for it, I've come across some information which may be very useful to those you want to keep more than one country map on their device.

For those of you who are not confident in using the Hack Toolset cgpsmapper, gmaptool and maptoolsetkit programs to make the IMG maps readable by the Garmin MapSource program. This it seem is due to a background process that Garmin Mobile XT starts upon boot up of your Symbian operating system as well as upon running of the Mobile XT software. Things you will need to verify if you are affected by this background process.

An installed version of Garmin Mobile XT 2. The new Garmin XT kills the battery life on our phones. There is a program called TSRAutostart. If you have jbtaskman and kill the process, it will just start again when you restart your phone. Here is a solution to stop that file from automatically starting, thus greatly increasing your battery life. To stop that file from restarting, plug your phone into your computer and use the mass storage setting. RSC This will stop that battery hog file from starting up.

If you install jbtaskman you can kill the process after your run garmin. This will increase your battery. As of version 5. Sexy Sedara. Bahasa Melayu. Searching by address in the Malaysian maps, whether Malfreemaps or Malsingmaps takes some patience and effort. Tried this in Garmin Mobile XT. Do an address search, spell country as Malaysia, then search all cities. The fastest way to test is to copy the entire garmin folder across to the new memory card.

The problem is, you have to reinstall the Garmin software again, after successfull installation, delete the new E: Backup 1. Click Export GPX and done! Now connect fone into Mass Storage mode 1. Open Windows Explorer 2. Copy out the. GPX this is lure location file 4. Restore 1.

Put back the backed up. GPX previously 4. Now start Garmin XT Mobile on ure new phone 1. Click Import GPX and done! Enjoy ure GPS in action! The important thing is Garmin folder inside ure memory card.. Move E: Install Garmin Freshly 3. Configure Garmin in ure phone 4. After successful config the new Garmin, delete the new Garmin folder from memory card 5. Move back ure old Garmin from PC to fone.. Did you realise that your Garmin folder in memory card is large?

Now get rid of it and save some spaces. See below guide: UNL license key, since I dont include in this. IMG into the same root folder where you have SW. UNL and start using! You need to have pre-installed Garmin XT and configured before doing this! Make a two 2 copies of FrancophilSansPlus. Instructions - Copy existing SW.

UNL into this folder root directory where gmapsupp. Map - Original gmapbmap. Voices - American English. Custom Splash Screen - Replace the old "Splash. This is the new version 4. Determine your current location with or without GPS, Get driving and transit directions, Get phone numbers and addresses for local businesses.

Features - My Location. See your location on a map, even if you don't have GPS. Search for any business or category of interest. Thanks to My Location, you don't even have to enter your starting point. Get turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice guidance. Learn more. Get routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot. See your friends' locations and share yours with them. Start Maps and then select "Join Latitude. View street-level imagery of businesses and turns in directions. View layers of geographic information. Real-time traffic helps you find the fastest route.

Important note: This is only Maps service and not navigation guided GPS application similar to Garmin or Nokia Maps, therefore do not attempt navigating with this application. Official Download: Show posts by this member only Post 7. Making Virgin Phone - Congratulations! KEY should be kept safe a copy in phone and another copy in computer or any other safe place. KEY for mobile signing. Making Non-Virgin Phone - Congratulations!

The Nokia XpressMusic is a great phone if you asked me, dont tell about the problems, there are some manufacturing defects on the phone, I never deny that.. Google and you'll find the truth, however if you keen on mods and top shape maintenance, you can generate the world's greatest Symbian S60v5 ever! Use Dialer and press for about 2 seconds will switch the profile between Silent and General; press and hold 0 will open the web browser; press and hold 1 will open the voice mailbox 2.

There is a shortcut key for Music, Gallery, Share, Video, Web shortcut at the top right corner just below the front camera 3. Press and hold the Green caller button when standby mode will activate the voice command. You could call the name from the contact or application name. Turning control functions: Rotate your screen horizontal or vertical b. Silence your phone for incoming call by rotate your phone with screen facing down. Snooze the alarm by rotating phone screen facing down 8. Theme effect will give 3D and transition effect if on but will slow down your tube considerably.

Shortcut to exit application: When using handwriting input, slide from left to right is Spacebar, right to left is Backspace You could drag and drop the location of the application you wish to relocate. Battery Saving 1. Always turn off wireless scanning, Bluetooth when not in use 2. For those not using 3G, choose your network mode to GSM instead of Dual mode which will consume more battery. Less Display Light a. Memory Saving 1. Restart your phone if the memory less than 30MB 2. Use Kill Me or Handy Taskman to close all application regularly or kill application that is not in use.

Some noise could be reduced if set the ISO sensitivity to low instead of auto. When viewing pictures, you could use your stylus to view for previous slide left or next slide right picture like iphone feature. Video For converting video that is high quality to play at , should use the mp4 format as below All is Always install your phone theme on the memory cards. This is because if some theme does not work Christmas tree then you need to flash your phone. Uninstall your application in proper way.

While u are using music player on your phone and there is incoming calls, the phone will use the default nokia ring tone as the memory card is used by the music player. The inclination sensor is over-sensitive. The screen will changed to horizontal mode even slight rotate. Regarding the screen blank and locked when calling, this is because the proximity sensor if blocked it will make the screen black when calling. The block is including some glossy transparent film, so please cut out the film around the sensor located between the middle earpiece and front camera.

In case some applications or themes are corrupted, you could just reformat your memory card.

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  7. With V11 firmware You cannot rename newly created equalizer presets. NEW Credits to hvaly. Your camera auto focus got green color on the square box when taking photo at does'nt seems to work? Software problem? Hack your phone, and use my personal patch out there in Modifications Talk section to disable the recording beep. Activate internal recorder. Tune in to preferred FM-Radio channel. Record using internal recorder, and stop when you want. Get the recording under Sounds folder in SD card. Rip it and convert to. MP3 if you want. Take the phone and battery out of their wrapping, and insert the battery making sure that its holes match up to the prongs in the phone.

    If you're unsure how to do this take a look at the quick start guide that comes with the phone. Long-time Nokia users may be surprised to see the "wrong" side of the battery facing outwards, but don't worry, it is meant to be that way round. When you've got the battery inserted properly and snapped the casing back on, attach the charger and plug it into the mains.

    You can use any Nokia charger with an appropriate-size pin, though different types of Nokia chargers fill the battery at different rates if you look on the charger you will see a "mA" number, this is higher in chargers that charge faster. Now to kill a couple of myths: There are many misconceptions from the days of older types of batteries which suffered from the "memory effect". Modern lithium phone batteries work in a much more flexible way, and do not require any special treatment when first used.

    Batteries do eventually wear out of course, but you should be able to get a couple of years use from a brand new phone battery. Disconnect the charger once the battery is full, always, dont charge overnight! Charging the battery usually takes a couple of hours if it's close to empty.

    Mobile phones, tutorials, tech in general

    Requirements 1. Hacked Phone 2. Go to browse c: Register an account here: Try it and its fun too, as you can unlock with security code. Tools Needed: Opera Mobile 10 Mobile Version 2. Opera Browser 10 Computer Version 3. Opera Link Account Create Here: Firstly, goto your Opera Mobile 10 and create an appropriate folder under Bookmarks, eg. Login to your Opera Mobile using username and password then let it to synchronise the new folder which you have created. You should see a new bookmark created which has been synchronised from your fone into your computer browser. Well synchronised bookmarks can be seen!

    You will have all your desired bookmarks as in computer, in the Opera Mobile now! For the first time ever, on your phone, you can watch any video, connect with friends, listen to music, shop, and browse the web using the full-featured PC versions of your favorite websites. To access this, register yourself at http: Useful links Skyfire Official - http: Second way - Walk in to nearest Nokia Customer Care centre and have the device attended by trained professionals. To create a Bluetooth wireless technology connection between your phone and a PC, you must have Bluetooth wireless technology equipment compatible with one of the supported Bluetooth stacks listed below: Windows Vista bit and bit editions: Available Bluetooth technologies and their versions may not be supported by your Nokia mobile device.

    Check your Nokia mobile device user guide for further details about compatibility with the listed Bluetooth technologies. This guide here is only for hacked phone. Please use this guide only for learning. Please make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Inside C: RSC format, simply rename the. RSC to. RSCX to temporarily remove them from Menu, you can rename. RSCX back to. RSC later on. I couldnt decode this file, but it is it, I'm sure..

    Why I think so? Because only after renaming or moving this file, autorun doesnt work. In all other cases apps start. There are some huge file in phone, c: Deleted it and free up phone memory check if your phone has one. The files are for FOTA firmware over the air coz when remove it, and go to the device mgr. Your access points are stored in C: Just make a copy of cccccc Bluetooth Your bluetooth name is in C: Calendar Calendar entries are stored in C: Cookies The cookies of Symbian's built-in web browser are in C: Restart your phone after restoring or transfering the cookies file.

    Download syria talk for nokia c6

    If you've told your browser to delete your cookies, there is no cookies. If you've told your phone to store messages on your memory card, they are in E: Copy the entire folder, and restore when needed. Notes The notes you write in Symbian's Notes application are stored in C: If you can't delete or replace the file, it's because Symbian is using it.

    But there's a workaround for this problem: Profiles Your profiles are stored in C: If you restore the backup, restart your phone. You don't even need to hack your phone to get into this folder. If you connect your Symbian phone to your computer with PC Suite you can only see childproof folders like images, sounds, documents, etc.

    But there is a way to get into system folders like resource, private, and sys too. Step 1 - Make sure Symbian on your phone is hacked and "caps" are switched off. Step 2 - Use MapDrives to assign virtual drive letters to your Symbian system folders. Step 3 - Connect your phone to your computer in PC Suite mode. Download Map Drives: Python s60 version of S60 platform to bring a powerful and efficient tool for the Python programming language. Python is a developed by Guido Van Rossum open source programming language. Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.

    It is often related to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or Java. Python fame is expected to continue rising. Python is a distinctive feature of the grammar has a very clear structure. Python have a module, class, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types and features such as dynamic input. More developments at: Under circumstances PC Suite mode to connect your phone with computer, there is no need to "Safely remove hardware". You can simply plug-out your cable from the Phone and PC. This modification will make Nokia XM browser to cache in E: Open the internal Nokia browser and surf some web sites, observe now it caches to E: It also create new file called f Now C: Restart Mozilla FireFox.

    Fill Description with "Nokia XM". Press OK and exit. Activate Install Server. Open System Files. Bluetooth Locker. Deny New Installation. Record Tone OFF. Settings Deactivate. Short Multi Tap. USB Data Disable.

    Download syria talk for nokia c6 - Rayfire for 3ds max 2011 free download

    Mega Bass Effects. The very proper way to install Nokia stuffs without error is.. Then restart computer. Install Nokia PC Suite make sure u have handy usbser. Connect phone when asked, and the installer will install all necessary stuffs including MTP Device Support. Install Nokia Software Updater.

    Install Nokia Maps Loader. Show posts by this member only Post 8. It is a great web browser font and looks great on your phone, take a look at the screenshots above. WalkWay WalkWay is more of a broader font that looks good on the messaging screen and general navigation of the phone but lacks when you view web pages. Street - Plain This was one of the very first fonts that I put on my phone. It is great in all areas of the phone and is very clear. Practical Practical is another font that I favour on my but the only problem why it is not a permanent font is because the font I see on my web browser is not that visually appealing.

    Francophilsans Plus This font was new to me when I was trying it on my but I was impressed at the display on the phone, but again it lacked on the internet. It is quite bold and big on the screen so it will be very easy to read and looks good to. Anna You will find Anna quite small on your but it has a shape about it that makes it very minimalistic.

    Opera Mobile 10 Beta has stormed into our Symbian world providing us an amazing user experience but recent reports on the Nokia XpressMusic are not so favorable due to the low memory effects but here is a tweak that could be used to manually configure Opera Mobile to give you a little extra notch. On the url box type opera: Change it to from the standard default.

    The Nokia XM has a backup feature embedded. You can program it to be automatic, such as daily, weekly etc. Indeed these files have the. Copy these backup files elsewhere on your PC. Have your memory card of your Nokia connected directly to a PC, back it up using simple copy or ZIP of the entire card. Now you should have find your. For these kind of backup, I do personally recommend you to backup Contacts, Messages, Settings, Calendars Optional and Bookmarks Optional and do not backup your personal files User Files. To backup from phone: Go to the standard Nokia File Manager.

    Click on Backup. Select the desired, such as Contacts, Messages, Settings etc. Click "OK" to start backup process. To restore the backup: Click "OK" to start restore process. My personal advise is to never trust any electronic devices for your valueable data. Remember, these mistakes are not done by the device itself, its always our mistake and lack of precautions.