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Softonium Developments. Find My Font is the original font-identification software, having debuted as a desktop app into which you would import photos to discover the fonts used — or a visually similar equivalent. Turning this clever tool into a mobile app opened up its horizons and allowed type-hungry designers to snap any piece of type in the wild and instantly discover something similar for use in design projects. With a database of over , fonts, the Android app can identify connected or fragmented letters and claims to achieve accurate matching results down to a mere 20px text height.

Adobe Capture is a real Swiss Army Knife of design apps, helping you to turn anything you see or sketch into vectors, materials, brushes and shapes for use in your projects. Capture also uses Adobe's advance AI tech to recognise type shapes and suggest visually similar fonts, creates geometric patterns from any image, and can create colour palettes from any photo in an instant. And coupled with a Creative Cloud account, your creations are available instantly in all the Adobe desktop apps you use.

Early Melon. Paperless is a solid, simple app for Android tablets that lets you draw and paint with pencil, watercolours, feather ink, and brushes.

How to Use Adobe Capture CC - Adobe Creative Cloud

A series of basic tools are available, including Eraser tool, Paint bucket tool and Color picker tool, and usefully you can set line thickness, size, opacity and smoothing. Paperless could not be your only drawing app, and unfortunately its last update was in which suggests it will not be developed further, and you can only export to PNG, but as a straightforward digital sketchbook it works well. Valentin Mayamsin. This basic sketching app features 12 brushes, colour picker and eraser, but the user interface is the real winner here, as Sketcher Free enjoys an excellent tool picker and the beautifully responsive drawing engine is actually the much-vaunted web-based Sketchy tool from Mr Doob.

Remember Kuler, Adobe's colour-picking app? The developer of Color Reference does, and that's why this app is perfect for those who are less than impressed by Adobe's transformation of Kuler into the browser-based Color CC. Color Reference lets you create and export colour palettes, and features the ability to select colours from imported images and a wealth of auto-generated palettes. A bit of fun is the wallpaper creator, which allows you to design wallpapers for your phone based on your colour palettes.

X-Rite, Inc. The myPantone app enables you to create colour palettes on the move, cleverly extract Pantone colours from images, and quickly look up the reference number of a Pantone colour if you're out and about. ArtFlow Studio. The highly rated ArtFlow app is an evergreen entry in our app lists, mainly because it gets the two essential basics of interface and drawing feel so right.

Should You Download Adobe's Creative Cloud Android Apps?

It is user-friendly and simple, but that does not mean childish and basic — ArtFlow is definitely a tool that professional designers will find useful. For photographers, absolutely.

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Portable access to exposure options is invaluable for mobile pictures. Other features, like synchronization with Lightroom desktop, make Lightroom useful — even as nothing more than a way to quickly push photos to your desktop workstation. Check out these digital art apps to sketch and paint anywhere. Here are a few courses to get you started. At its core, Illustrator Draw is a vector drawing app.

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It supports layers, toggles into fullscreen mode, and provides several pen types. Shapes can be imported from Capture. For most people, no. Read More and working directly with Illustrator CC. Personally, I think Capture is the coolest offering of the bunch. It makes a lot of sense as a mobile app and does something that few other apps do. Lightroom and Photoshop Mix are less important, relegated to being supplemental tools more than primary workhorses. But unless you travel a lot and need the portability, it might just be more productive to stick with Lightroom and Photoshop on the desktop.

Visual storytelling

On the other hand, I see little value in Illustrator Draw and consider it a big miss. What do you think of the Creative Cloud mobile apps? Are they useful or are they garbage?

18 of the best Android apps to download for creatives

Know of any good alternatives? Share with us in the comments! Visual storytelling Transform words and images into incredible visual stories you can quickly create and share right from your mobile device. Capture Turn images into color themes, patterns, type, materials, and shapes to use in your creative projects. Design and illustration Create layouts and draw expressively on your mobile devices, and even preview mobile designs on devices.

Bottom Line: Not Bad, But Not Yet

Photography and creative imaging Bring the power of Adobe digital imaging to your mobile devices, with full Photoshop and Lightroom compatibility. Community Showcase and discover creative work and connect with the creative community. Third-party apps Find third-party apps that connect with Creative Cloud, or create your own.