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In the Column View , you can multitask by exploring 3 subreddits in 3 different columns. All 3 columns will show you the stream of posts on which you can hover your cursor and view the content directly. Install from the Chrome Web Store Free.

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There are quick toggles available for Multireddit sidebar and the actual sidebar. There are many features that are locked behind a donation package aka. Features include night mode, enhanced list and grid view, inline media viewing and few unlocked settings.

Install from Chrome Web Store Free with purchases for full version. Amongst such subreddits, long comments are very inevitable.

8 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit

So, to make such long comments less clumsy, you should use the Chrome extension called Readr. The extension brings you a clean and pleasing layout to read such long comments. Clicking on the button will pop out a new layout as shown above for that particular comment. In the settings, you can change it to night mode and even change the fonts to Sans-Serif instead of Serif.

How to enable Night Mode for Reddit in Chrome [Tip] | dotTech

YouTube is a great social media platform for entertainment, music, and learning. Well, what if you could get Reddit comments below a YouTube video? Yes, this can actually happen with help of the Chrome extension called AlienTube. Apart from that, you can customize the comments and posts on the options page by settings a limit under which they should not appear. You can even restrict specific subreddits on YouTube. Opening full-size images on Reddit is quite a tedious task.

All you have to do is install the add-on, then switch the service from the search field. After Reddit Comments is activated, you'll know if there's a comment thread available for the website you are currently visiting, which makes it really ease to get Reddit's take on article you're browsing. Some subreddits come with their own unique style sheet, but if you'd rather have a clean, simplistic theme applied to the entire site, you will want to install Reddit Minimal.

Know of any extensions I missed? Let me know which ones you're using in the comments section below. Don't Miss: Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.

Hot Latest. How To: Hit "Send" Too Soon? Hack wifi using Wireshark How To: Hack any password on any site with JavaScript How To: This app responds to Accessibility text sizing This app leverages 1Password for ease of login; Safari cannot This app detects and hides duplicate posts; Safari cannot This app leverages pull-to-refresh; Safari cannot. I would be happy to add any feature you think will push this over the edge. Want it to honk your Tesla's horn, flash the headlights, pull down realtime energy usage data and graph it like https: I guarantee Safari can do none of those things either, but they don't really enhance the forum reading experience.

I could certainly add those features if it helps with certification, though.

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Trolls rely on the fact that many more just read the forums vs participate in them. By "ignoring" them you are helping them get their message out without challenge.

How to Get Android Like Card UI on Your Chrome Browser

Please take on the trolls so that the masses of interested bystanders have a chance to avoid being sucked in by the despicable creatures. You might be one of the posters people filter out due to your " carlk on steroids" fanboism. Are you calling me a troll? Didn't you write up a bunch of crap about how you want others to behave respectfully?

Here's what Apple said this time: Here's what they said last time: As such, the experience it provides is similar to the general experience of using Safari. Including iOS features such as push notifications, Core Location, and sharing do not provide a robust enough experience to be appropriate for the App Store. As a retired Software Engineer, it looks like you did a great job with your app.

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Ii am confused as to why Apple is giving you a hard time, the advantages aeem obvious; but even if they weren't, why not let the users decide? They're too much into making everything proprietary and going out of their way to make things tough for third-parties. Welp, it was rejected again. They keep moving the goalposts, from "Your app provides a limited user experience as it is not sufficiently different from a mobile browsing experience" to "Your app is aggregating data from a third-party website". Yeah, that's kinda the point! Next attempt: They can't stop me from adding extra functionality to an app that's already been approved.

As I understand it, because my app aggregates data from a website, and makes use of data I do not own Tesla , it is considered insufficient for certification. You mentioned that the official Reddit app, while similar, is published by the owners of Reddit, which makes it OK. Here is an app that aggregates data from the reddit website, and is published by an individual developer who is not the owner of their website:.

Apollo for Reddit: How, exactly, are these published apps significantly different than mine? I would like to be treated consistently with those other developers. Though they have no precisely said so, I suspect their issue with your app is that it is specific to Tesla, a particular tech company and its website, instead of a more 'public' open forum or web community, as Reddit is They might not like that it is so specific to Tesla's corporate URL. You could put a checklist of various sites to aggregate data from in the Settings, so a person would only see what they want.

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That might require a lot more work to make functional. April Xerogas Coastal Cruiser. How are you able to get it on your device if you didn't download through the store? Or is a development environment needed? ReD eXiLe ms us Sorry, i meant apple products. Be nice, andy; I'm trying to do a good thing for the forum.

Had to drop in the apple bias. Just joking, good work!

SO Mai Any luck xerogas? SamO