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Login to post comments. Related Mobile Downloads. The experience gained was used in the operation of the pilot plant bituminization line for actual concentrates from the V-1 nuclear power plant. Extension of Time Limit for the Final Results of the Stainless Steel Bar From India: The following report gives the statistical findings of the Watson-Glaser test. Data is pre-existing and was given to the Evaluator by email from the Director, Center for Legal Pedagogy.

Statistical analyses were run using SPSS 17 to address the following questions: What are the statistical descriptors of the Watson-Glaser results of…. Factors associated with dying at the place of wish: Ko, W. V; Deliens, L. A mortality follow-back study was undertaken in via representative nationwide networks of general. In the following technical report, we present evidence of the technical adequacy of the easyCBM[R] math measures in grades K In addition to reliability information, we present criterion-related validity evidence, both concurrent and predictive, and construct validity evidence.

Grades , Version. Nese, Joseph F. In this technical report, data are presented on the practical utility, reliability, and validity of the easyCBM[R] mathematics version measures for students in grades within four districts in two states. Analyses include: Quanto ao teste de Mann-Kendall: The influenza pandemic: Overall pandemic influenza immunization rates were low across all nations, including among healthcare workers.

Among the reasons for the low coverage rates may have been a lack of concern about the individual risk of influenza, which may translate into a lack of willingness or urgency to be vaccinated, particularly if there is mistrust of information provided by public health or governmental authorities. Intuitively, a link between willingness to be vaccinated against seasonal influenza and against pandemic influenza exists, given the similarities in decision-making for this infection.

As such, the public is likely to share common concerns regarding pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccination, particularly in the areas of vaccine safety and side effects, and personal risk. Given the public's perception of the low level of virulence of the recent pandemic influenza virus, there is concern that the perception of a lack of personal risk of infection and risk of vaccine side effects could adversely affect seasonal vaccine uptake.

While governments are more often concerned about public anxiety and panic, as well as absenteeism of healthcare and other essential workers during a pandemic, convincing the public of the threat posed by pandemic or seasonal influenza is often the more difficult, and underappreciated task. Thus, appropriate, timely, and data-driven health information are very important issues in increasing influenza vaccine coverage, perhaps even more so in western societies where trust in government and public health reports may be lower than in other countries.

This article explores what has been learned about cross-cultural responses to pandemic influenza, and seeks to apply those lessons to seasonal influenza immunization programs. All rights reserved. This survey was designed to produce national and state-specific prevalence estimates of children with special health care needs CSHCN , to describe the types of services that they need and use, and to assess aspects of the system of care for CSHCN.

A random-digit-dial sample of households with children under age 18 years was constructed for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The sampling frame consisted of landline phone numbers and cellular cell phone numbers of households that reported a cell-phone-only or cell-phone-mainly status. Children in identified households were screened for special health care needs. If CSHCN were identified in the household, a detailed interview was conducted for one randomly selected child with special health care needs.

Respondents were parents or guardians who knew about the children's health and health care. A total of , household screening interviews were completed from July through March , resulting in 40, completed special-needs interviews, including 2, from cell-phone interviews. The weighted overall response rate was All material appearing in this report is in the public domain and may be reproduced or copied without permission; citation as to source, however, is appreciated.

Response rate was The proportion of schools offering food to pupils apart from school catering significantly decreased in 5 years from This improvement is related to the proportion of schools offering food quantitative improvement , as well as to the composition of food supply qualitative improvement.

These results show an improvement of food supply apart from school catering , suggesting that actions implemented in the framework of the program "Nutrition, prevention and health of children and adolescents in Aquitaine" may have led to these improvements. Sobrepeso y obesidad: Full Text Available Objetivos. To evaluate overweight and obesity, weight-for-height children Seroprevalence and risk factors of Q fever in goats on commercial dairy goat farms in the Netherlands, Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of this study was to estimate the seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii in dairy goat farms in the Netherlands and to identify risk factors for farm and goat seropositivity before mandatory vaccination started.

We approached eligible farms with more than goats for serum sampling and a farm questionnaire. Per farm, median 21 goats were sampled. Results In total, 2, goat serum samples from farms were available. Farm prevalence was Overall goat seroprevalence was At animal level almost identical risk factors were found, with use of windbreak curtain and artificial insemination as additional risk factors. Conclusion In , the seroprevalence in dairy goats in the Netherlands increased on animal and farm level compared to a previous study in Risk factors suggest spread from relatively closely located bulk milk-infected small ruminant farms, next to introduction and spread from companion animals, imported straw and use of artificial insemination.

In-depth studies investigating the role of artificial insemination and bedding material are needed, while simultaneously general biosecurity measures should be updated, such as avoiding companion animals and vermin entering the stables, next to advice on farm stable constructions on.

Seroprevalence and risk factors of Q fever in goats on commercial dairy goat farms in the Netherlands, The aim of this study was to estimate the seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii in dairy goat farms in the Netherlands and to identify risk factors for farm and goat seropositivity before mandatory vaccination started. In total, 2, goat serum samples from farms were available.

In , the seroprevalence in dairy goats in the Netherlands increased on animal and farm level compared to a previous study in In-depth studies investigating the role of artificial insemination and bedding material are needed, while simultaneously general biosecurity measures should be updated, such as avoiding companion animals and vermin entering the stables, next to advice on farm stable constructions on how to prevent introduction and minimize airborne.

Eight sites were surveyed reservation wide. The survey was conducted in an effort to determine species abundance and diversity of small mammal populations throughout the reservation and to continue the historical inventory of small mammal presence for biodiversity records. This data collection effort was in support of the approved Wildlife Management Plan for the Oak Ridge Reservation, a major goal of which is to maintain and enhance wildlife biodiversity on the Reservation. Five new sites were included in this study: The survey had two main goals: The park is located on the Department of Energy-owned Oak Ridge Reservation, which encompasses 13, ha.

The primary focus of the study was riparian zones. In addition to small mammal sampling, vegetation and coarse woody debris samples were taken at certain sites to determine any correlations between habitat and species presence. During the survey all specimens were captured and released using live trapping techniques including. Background The aim of this study was to estimate the seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii in dairy goat farms in the Netherlands and to identify risk factors for farm and goat seropositivity before mandatory vaccination started.

In-depth studies investigating the role of artificial insemination and bedding material are needed, while simultaneously general biosecurity measures should be updated, such as avoiding companion animals and vermin entering the stables, next to advice on farm stable constructions on how to prevent introduction.

NordREG report on the price peaks in the Nordic wholesale market during winter Final report.

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In winter , prices peaked on three days. The high prices that were experienced in the majority of the Nord Pool Spot price areas initiated a study on the reasons that led to the price spikes and on the possible measures to develop the Nordic market arrangements to avoid such situations in the future. The analysis of the winter events revealed that there were a number of primary causes for the occurrence of the price peaks and no single individual cause could be pinpointed to bear the key responsibility.

The fact that the weather was cold all over the Nordic area in conjunction with the low availability for the Swedish nuclear generation capacity, however, could be indicated as the key underlying causes. The analysis also showed that the way the Nordic transmission capacity is allocated can be listed as an additional factor complementing to the occurrence of the price peaks. Thus, NordREG concluded that a review of the methods of calculating and allocating transmission capacity for the market should be carried out.

As a part of this, an analysis that addresses the delimitation of bidding areas and maintenance planning of the transmission network infrastructure should be prepared as well. The flexibility on the demand side has not been very large in the Nordic region. However, the background study prepared by Gaia Consulting showed that even small degree of increased price elasticity could substantially cut the price peaks.

This could be seen as an improvement potential of the trading system reflecting the present inability of the market participants to react on the price signals the market place provides. Therefore, NordREG sees that facilitating the appearance of a real price elastic behaviour of the users of electricity can be regarded as one of the key fixes for the problem. Furthermore, NordREG proposes that a consultancy study on how to promote demand flexibility in the Nordic market in a coherent way should be prepared. A further area for. International energy technology collaboration and climate change mitigation.

Case study 1. Concentrating Solar Power Technologies. Mitigating climate change and achieving stabilisation of greenhouse gas atmospheric concentrations will require deep reductions in global emissions of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Developing and disseminating new, low-carbon energy technology will thus be needed. Two previous AIXG papers have focused on possible drivers for such a profound technological change: The first of these papers assesses a broad range of technical options for reducing energy-related CO2 emissions.

It examines how technologies evolve and the role of research and development efforts, alternative policies, and short-term investment decisions in making long-term options available. It considers various policy tools that may induce technological change, some very specific, and others with broader expected effects. Its overall conclusion is that policies specifically designed to promote technical change, or ' technology push', could play a critical role in making available and affordable new energy technologies. However, such policies would not be sufficient to achieve the Convention's objective in the absence of broader policies.

First, because there is a large potential for cuts that could be achieved in the short run with existing technologies ; and second, the development of new technologies requires a market pull as much as a technology push. The second paper considers the potential advantages and disadvantages of international energy technology collaboration and transfer for promoting technological change.

Advantages of collaboration may consist of lowering R and D costs and stimulating other countries to invest in R and D; disadvantage may include free-riding and the inefficiency of reaching agreement between many actors. This paper sets the context for further discussion on the role of. Leaching of sulfide-oxidized copper concentrate of the Udokan deposit ore with a copper content of In the course of treatment in a sulfuric acid solution with pH 1. As a result of subsequent chemical leaching at 80 degrees C during 7 h with a solution of sulphate ferric iron obtained after bio-oxidation by an association of microorganisms, the rate of copper recovery was The total copper recovery was A technological scheme of a complex copper concentrate process with the use of bacterial-chemical leaching is proposed.

Full Text Available The modern features of organization and realization of sporting competitions are educed in a handball. A valid assessment of obesity in children and adolescents is important due to significant change in body composition during growth. The study subjects were for boys an Link to an amendment published at 75 FR Television remains the most consumed media by the Spanish.

However, after this first statement we find a society with significant differences when it interacts with the media. Every media diet articulates different amount of time of television consumption, use of digital media computer and internet and other media consumption in everyday life. This work The Injury Surveillance Program, Through Surveillance data regarding injuries caused by ball contact in collegiate athletes have not been well examined and are mostly limited to discussions of concussions and catastrophic injuries. To describe the epidemiology of ball-contact injuries in 11 National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA sports during the through academic years.

Descriptive epidemiology study.

Convenience sample of NCAA programs in 11 sports men's football, women's field hockey, women's volleyball, men's baseball, women's softball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's lacrosse, and men's and women's soccer during the through academic years. Collegiate student-athletes participating in 11 sports. During the through academic years, ball-contact injuries were reported, for an overall rate of 3. The sports with the highest rates were women's softball 8.

More than half Ball-contact-injury rates were the highest in women's softball, women's field hockey, and men's baseball. Paralelamente el conglomerado opositor Alianza por Chile logra Capture, transformation and conversion of the solar energy by the technologies of concentration ; Captation, transformation et conversion de l'energie solaire par les technologies a concentration. The specificities of the solar technologies at concentration are: This document takes stock on the concentration solar techniques, the electric power production by concentrated solar energy and the performance of concentrated solar plants, the industrial american experience of the SEGS plants, the hydrogen production by concentrated solar energy and discusses the scientific and technological locks.

The Anomalous Winter of The multi ]stage eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki beginning in June, is speculated to have caused unusual dry fog and heat in western Europe and cold in North America during the summer, and record cold and snow the subsequent winter across the circum-North Atlantic. Despite the many indisputable impacts of the Laki eruption, however, its effect on climate, particularly during the Here we test an alternative explanation for the unusual conditions during this time: Data sources and model simulations support our hypothesis that a combined, negative NAO ]ENSO warm phase was the dominant cause of the anomalous winter of Adults-National Adult Tobacco Survey, and In the United States U.

Adoption of smoke-free laws in public areas has increased, but private settings such as vehicles remain a source of SHS exposure. This study assessed change in voluntary smoke-free vehicle rules and SHS exposure in personal vehicles among U. The study consisted of two cycles, the first cycle had done by the two meetings held on 26 and May 27, with material "structure and function of reproductive men and women" and "spermatogenesis, oogenesis and ovulation ".

Kata kunci: Delayed norovirus epidemic in the season in Japan: Norovirus NoV epidemics normally peak in December in Japan; however, the peak in the season was delayed until the fourth week of January We suspected intensive hand hygiene that was conducted for a previous pandemic influenza in as the cause of this delay. We analysed the NoV epidemic trend, based on national surveillance data, and its associations with monthly output data for hand hygiene products, including alcohol-based skin antiseptics and hand soap.

The delayed peak in the NoV incidence in the season had the lowest number of recorded cases of the five seasons studied to The monthly relative risk of NoV and monthly output of both alcohol-based skin antiseptics and hand soap were significantly and negatively correlated. Our findings suggest an association between hand hygiene using these products and prevention of NoV transmission.

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Novel technologies for reverse osmosis concentrate treatment: Global water shortages due to droughts and population growth have created increasing interest in water reuse and recycling and, concomitantly, development of effective water treatment processes. Pressured membrane processes, in particular reverse osmosis, have been adopted in water treatment industries and utilities despite the relatively high operational cost and energy consumption. However, emerging contaminants are present in reverse osmosis concentrate in higher concentrations than in the feed water, and have created challenges for treatment of the concentrate.

Further, standards and guidelines for assessment and treatment of newly identified contaminants are currently lacking. Research is needed regarding the treatment and disposal of emerging contaminants of concern in reverse osmosis concentrate , in order to develop cost-effective methods for minimizing potential impacts on public health and the environment. This paper reviews treatment options for concentrate from membrane processes. Barriers to emerging treatment options are discussed and novel treatment processes are evaluated based on a literature review.

Analysis of Concentrating Technology and Solar Integration. Each solar technology i. The first one is based on the use of solar energy to evaporate water of the steam cycle by means of direct steam generation DSG, increasing the steam production of the high pressure level of the steam generator. The other one is based on the use of solar energy to preheat the pressurized air at the exit of the gas turbine compressor before it is introduced in the combustion chamber, reducing the fuel consumption.

Results show that ISCC with DSG increases the yearly production while solar air heating reduces it due to the incremental pressure drop. However, air heating allows significantly higher solar-to-electricity efficiencies and lower heat rates. Regarding the solar technologies , PTC provides the best thermal results.

Система оздоровления и омоложения суставов Олега Строганова

Analysis of data related to the update of diagnosis reference levels in radiology and nuclear medicine. Assessment This report presents and comments the results of the analysis of 'patient' dosimetric data which radiology and nuclear medicine establishments had to transmit to the IRSN. The first part concerns conventional radiology and the analysis is made from a general point of view, and then by examination type in the case of adults and of children.

A synthesis of results since is proposed in terms of transmitted data, of data representativeness, of influence of detection technology on the delivered dose, of evolution of diagnosis reference level. With the same approach, the next parts address scanography examinations and nuclear medicine. Innovation in concentrating solar power technologies: A study drawing on patent data. Better understanding the innovative process of renewable energy technologies is important for tackling climate change.

Though concentrating solar power is receiving growing interest, innovation studies so far have explored innovative activity in solar technologies in general, ignoring the major differences between solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies. This study relies on patent data to examine international innovative activity in concentrating solar power technologies. Our uniqu Treatment technology of low concentration uranium-bearing wastewater and its research progress. With growth of the discharged uranium-bearing wastewater capacity, a low cost and effective treatment technology is required to avoid transferring and diffusion of the radioactive nuclides.

On the basis of analyses of the source and characteristics of the low- concentration uranium-bearing wastewater, the conventional treatment technologies , such as, flocculating settling, ion exchange, concentration , adsorption, and some innovatory technologies , such as, membrane, microorganism, phytoremediation and zero-valent iron technology are introduced. Estimates of pandemic influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe, A multicentre case-control study based on sentinel practitioner surveillance networks from seven European countries was undertaken to estimate the effectiveness of pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccines against medically attended influenza-like illness ILI laboratory-confirmed as pandemic influenza A H1N1 pH1N1.

Sentinel practitioners swabbed ILI patients using systematic sampling. We compared pH1N1 cases to influenza laboratory-negative controls. We estimated pooled vaccine effectiveness VE as 1 minus the odds ratio with the study site as a fixed effect. Using logistic regression, we adjusted VE for potential confounding factors age group, sex, month of onset, chronic diseases and related hospitalizations, smoking history, seasonal influenza vaccinations, practitioner visits in previous year.

We conducted a complete case analysis excluding individuals with missing values and a multiple multivariate imputation to estimate missing values. Our results suggest good protection of the pandemic monovalent vaccine against medically attended pH1N1 and no effect of the.

Technology for improving sludge concentration ; Odei noshukusei kaizen gijutsu. Sludge generating in a sewage treatment plant is disposed through the processes such as concentration , dehydration, and incineration in sludge disposal facilities. In recent years, there has been a trend that this sludge increases in volume as well as worsens in the concentration.

A case is predictable where the sludge load to the dehydrating process is so large that the sludge can no longer be processed in sufficient quantity. In the meantime, if sludge is ozone-treated, viscous substance on the surface of sludge particles can be separated with a comparatively small amount of ozone, with sludge concentration enhanced.

At Meidensha, an experimental plant was set up for the ozone treatment of sludge in a sludge intensive treatment plant of a metropolis, with a verification experiment carried out for a sludge concentration improving system by ozone. As a result of comparison of the treatment performance between an assessment system for performing ozone treatment and a reference system for not performing, the average value of the sludge concentration of a gravity concentration tank was 1.

Assessment of soil-gas, soil, and water contamination at the former hospital landfill, Fort Gordon, Georgia, Falls, Fred W. Hagan; Wellborn, John B. Soil gas, soil, and water were assessed for organic and inorganic constituents at the former hospital landfill located in a acre study area near the Dwight D. Passive soil-gas samplers were analyzed to evaluate organic constituents in the hyporheic zone of a creek adjacent to the landfill and soil gas within the estimated boundaries of the former landfill.

Soil and water samples were analyzed to evaluate inorganic constituents in soil samples, and organic and inorganic constituents in the surface water of a creek adjacent to the landfill, respectively. Results from the hyporheic-zone assessment in the unnamed tributary adjacent to the study area indicated that total petroleum hydrocarbons and octane were the most frequently detected organic compounds in groundwater beneath the creek bed. The highest concentrations for these compounds were detected in the upstream samplers of the hyporheic-zone study area.

The effort to delineate landfill activity in the study area focused on the western 14 acres of the acre study area where the hyporheic-zone study identified the highest concentrations of organic compounds. This also is the part of the study area where a debris field also was identified in the southern part of the 14 acres. The southern part of this acre study area, including the debris field, is steeper and not as heavily wooded, compared to the central and northern parts. Fifty-two soil-gas samplers were used for the July soil-gas survey in the acre study area and mostly detected total petroleum hydrocarbons, and gasoline and diesel compounds.

The highest soil-gas masses for total petroleum hydrocarbons, diesel compounds, and the only valid detection of perchloroethene. It also constitutes a preliminary analysis about the genesis of the rhythm and of the climate exceptionalities in the study area, since there are few studies of Geographical Climatology about the state of Tocantins. The main elements of the atmospheric circulation were identifi ed through rhythmic analysis, as well as the stormwater impacts were also listed and reported by a local daily newspaper. These impacts were focused on their spatial distribution, seeking to emphasize the elements of vulnerability of the affected spots, as well as the selectivity and news content.

The results allowed to give an initial overview on the relation between the rainfall, the geographical and human activities in Palmas, revealing aspects of its urban planning and its vulnerability to climate exceptionalities. Perspective technologies of complex reprocessing of molybdenite concentrates. The paper deals with a new investigations of autoclave technology. Utilization of one of the most important properties of molybdenite - its high hydropholy-enabled an improvement of specific autoclave leaching output, ensuring a high level of extraction.

Falls, W. Fred; Caldwell, Andral W. Soil gas and soil were assessed for organic and inorganic contaminants at the former military police range at Fort Gordon, Georgia, from May to September The assessment evaluated organic contaminants in soil-gas samplers and inorganic contaminants in soil samples. Soil-gas samplers deployed and collected from May 20 to 24, , identified masses above method detection level for total petroleum hydrocarbons, gasoline-related and diesel-related compounds, and chloroform.

Most of these detections were in the southwestern quarter of the study area and adjacent to the road on the eastern boundary of the site. Nine of the 11 chloroform detections were in the southern half of the study area. One soil-gas sampler deployed adjacent to the road on the southern boundary of the site detected a mass of tetrachloroethene greater than, but close to, the method detection level of 0.

For soil-gas samplers deployed and collected from September 15 to 22, , none of the selected organic compounds classified as chemical agents and explosives were detected above method detection levels. Inorganic concentrations in the five soil samples collected at the site did not exceed the U. Environmental Protection Agency regional screening levels for industrial soil and were at or below background levels for similar rocks and strata in South Carolina.

Non-time-loss injuries were defined as resulting in soccer and women's soccer injuries with injury rates of 8. Injury rates for men and women did not differ in competitions In total, Most injuries occurred to the lower extremity and were diagnosed as sprains. Women had higher concussion rates 0. Non-time-loss injuries accounted for nearly half of the injuries in men's and women's soccer. Sex differences were found in competition injuries, specifically for concussion. Further study into the incidence, treatment and outcome of non-time-loss injuries may identify a more accurate burden of these injuries.

For permission to use where not already granted under a licence please go to http: Technology advancement of the electrochemical CO2 concentrating process. Two multicell, liquid-cooled, advanced electrochemical depolarized carbon dioxide concentrator modules were fabricated. The cells utilized advanced, lightweight, plated anode current collectors, internal liquid cooling and lightweight cell frames. Both were designed to meet the carbon dioxide removal requirements of one-person, i.

Neti, Sudhakar [Lehigh Univ. Several encapsulated phase change materials have been identified, fabricated and proven with calorimetry. Two of these materials have been tested in an airflow experiment.

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A cost analysis for these thermal energy storage systems has also been conducted that met the targets established at the initiation of the project. Capture, transformation and conversion of the solar energy by the technologies of concentration. A new technology for concentrating and solidifying liquid LLRW. Newell, N. One of the unsolved problem areas of low level radioactive waste management is the radiolabeled material generated by life sciences research and clinical diagnostics. In hundreds of academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical institutions, there exists large amounts of both aqueous and organic solutions containing radioactively labeled nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, and their monomeric components.

We have invented a generic slurry capable of binding all these compounds, thus making it possible to concentrate and solidify the radioactive molecules into a very small and lightweight material. The slurry can be contained in both large and small disposal plastic devices designed for the size of any particular operation.

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The savings in disposal costs and convenience of this procedure is a very attractive alternative to the present methods of long and short term storage. We are now proceeding with the field application stage for the testing of these devices and anticipate widespread use of the process. We also are exploring the use of the slurry on other types of liquid low level radioactive waste. Alina Badulescu, within the Doctoral Research Project entitled Doctoral studies and phd candidates for a competitive research in a knowledge-based society, By chosing the following research theme: Tourism and development in the euroregional context I felt the need to find out more answers regarding the afore mentioned problem.

The research methodology employed consisted in the use of the insse. For this study to be even more representative I have established Romania's main touristic areas preferred by Romanian and foreign tourists. Following the data collected, unfortunately, it has been confirmed the situation presented by Eurostat in the table at the beginning of paper on the number of overnight stays registered in Romania.

I also tried to find answer to the following questions: Which are Romanians favorite touristic areas? In which tourist area of Romania has been recorded the highest number of overnight stays of foreign tourists? Why the number of. Environmental factors, such as unhealthy diet, play a major role in the development of this condition. In this study, we evaluated the prevalence of MS and its association with food intake quality among Chilean adults.

Consumption frequency of fish, whole grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables was also analyzed and associated with MS prevalence. Using a healthy diet score HDS , we described the overall diet quality and further correlated it with MS prevalence. HDS showed better diet quality among women and in subjects with increasing age and higher educational level.

Exemplary results based on the , and GEDA studies]. Nationwide health surveys can be used to estimate regional differences in health. Using traditional estimation techniques, the spatial depth for these estimates is limited due to the constrained sample size. So far - without special refreshment samples - results have only been available for larger populated federal states of Germany.

An alternative is regression-based small-area estimation techniques.

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These models can generate smaller-scale data, but are also subject to greater statistical uncertainties because of the model assumptions. In the present article, exemplary regionalized results based on the studies "Gesundheit in Deutschland aktuell" GEDA studies , and , are compared to the self-rated health status of the respondents. To that end, Android is a full, production-quality operating system for consumer products, complete with customizable source code that can be ported to nearly any device and public documentation that is available to everyone in English at source.

Android's flexibility and ever-changing codebase means this site needs your feedback to keep content fresh, accurate, and relevant to Android implementors. We encourage you to check the changelog for details on recent AOSP updates and to report bugs or offer suggestions using the Site Feedback at the bottom of every page or by visiting g. Simpler Requirements The software requirements for building Android have been greatly simplified, with instructions for older versions moved to a distinct page that also links to Docker for easy installs.

February 14th, February Security Bulletins The February Android and Pixel Bulletins have been published along with links to associated fixes and new build numbers to support the February security release.