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What a pain. I bought a Straight Talk phone for Ok just wanted to share!! Julie you are so right. Pretty happy with my Straight Talk too, oh, and I got it a walmart, paid for it at the register, no hazzards, great! Stephanie, my first cell phone provider was Straight Talk and I had no problem with their service until they started making my phone go on and off by itself, when i called tech support they were always rude.

So I went to Virgin Mobile and had lots of problems there. After that I went to Verizon Prepaid. They have reasonable prices and their Samsung Gusto is good as well as their Pantech Caper.

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Every 1 Star review you read about Virgin Mobile is painfully true. I had the absolute worst customer service experience of my life. Spent probably 8 hours wrestling my number back from them after their grossly incompetent phone agents failed to activate my phone time after time. A true disaster. I advise any and all prospective users against Virgin Mobile with every ounce and fiber of my being. MUCH quicker than the 72 hours the customer service rep said it would take. We may place restrictions on accessing certain Content, impose separate charges, limit the amount of data you can access or transfer, or otherwise limit or terminate services.

I got my phone from radio shack and the associate had no problems with activating it and everything. They had some billing issues because my son selected the wrong radio button on the web site; but VM customer service helped them get that resolved and now all is well. They love the BeyondTalk plan and both have the Optimus V phones. I myself have been a VM customer for nearly 7 years now and have had nothing but good luck with them. Not bad for a couple pushing I love to save money and love no contract plans. I never had a problem with them.

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Setting up the phone was a breeze, and could usually do it on the internet with no assistance from CS. Even ported numbers with no problem. Phones would be working within minutes. You must be polite. I get the same treatment from Strait talk by being polite, using Mams and Sirs, but some of the rude folks I know get some nightmare treatment.

It does not pay to get rude with any one holding the power to lose your number and turn your phone off and on. I find that by trying to make their day better they usually go out of their way to make mine better. I will give him this as a birthday present. I will probably get him a rumor touch. His older sister already had this phone with Sprint service and she has no complaints. This plan is perfect for kids since they hardly ever talk anyways, just text and checking out youtube videos.

But on another note.. They grandfather their old clients in. I can purchase a new phone, or switch and still have the same rate. The only way they can change the price on me is if I change my minute plan which I have no intention of doing. Hello, everyone. The Kyocera Loft phone for Virgin has a full qwerty keyboard, looks like a Blackberry 2. Not the best phone, but great for the money. I have not even had my phone for 5 hours and it already does not work and customer service has hung up on me 4 times.

One of the times they actually told me I should call Walmart for help. One person said they could not return my phone unless I tried to get it fixed first and that they were transfering me to their technical support dept…then they hung up. Worst experience ever! You are allowed to return your phone for any reason for up to one week after purchasing, as long as you take it to the place you purchased your phone.

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They were admitting you had a bad phone, and encouraged you to replace it. I purchased mine from wal-mart. So they both suck. I remember when Verizon kept replacing my Razr, as well. Some phones just suck. With Verizon I have had no problems. Virgin Mobile, however, I had to get 5 replacement phones they were all free because I was under warranty. If my job was answering a phone to help folks solve their problems and they were rude, raining on my day, I may take a little joy in sending a storm of problems their way.

I would get paid the same whether you liked how things turned out or not. Your experience makes it sound like you are a rude dude! Do I have to get the beyond talk plan to activate the lg rumor touch? LG never was a mobile phone maker and they have all hardware and software engineering problems. Who leaves the job of a mason to a plumber? I have been with VM since 01 and was never real happy but did not use the minutes. My phone broke recently. Nice phone but lousy voice reception.

Plan includes minutes, text, 10 mb of internet. Will top up for one more month, then try the lgg on net 10 and make a final decision. Not much of a phone user but do want clear reception. I am in the Portland, Or. Setup was slow; took a full 24 hours for hers to be activated. Service is about the same as it was with Sprint, which I expected. Good Phone, no contract, great plan. I swtiched to Straight Talk and their service and coverage is great. I get to the parking lot, call a friend and he tells me I have a different number.

Called , Virgin customer service, several hours later only to find the genius at Radio Shack had given the them wrong Verizon account number, so I correct that with the rep. Next evening, like 25 hours later, the phone switches over but is telling me I need to add money. So I set up a Google account online, to use their sweet phone dialer to call Virgin cutomer service, but much to my surprise, closed at night. Can you believe that? A company this size providing cell service closed at night. Well here I am with no phone at all, except of course I can dial out on the net, but no thanks to Virgin Mobile.

Yeah, Get you some! Oh yeah, and the Optimus phone sucks. No connection, and you can watch the battery meter drop. You dont have to but a Blackberry. They both can both can used with the beyond Talk plan.

Now they have a new cell phone Lg optimus V. The absolute worse. Had to e-mail twice and call to have internet activated. Oh well…only paying extra for unlimited data. Any other company and it would be considered a scam. Support kept telling me it was activated. I spent a day trying to fight thru the language barrier. The phones on their side were breaking up and one rep clomplained about problems with the phone he was using.

I went back and forth with them several times giving all the correct info and they never got it completed. Oh Well, I finally sent them both a frustrated e-mail, No response at all and activated the phone with a different number, but not before trying at least two times on their website and having to still go thru the freaking live adviser to complete it. I will use their service for awhile to see if it is better than their costumer service. At the end of these Terms and Conditions of Service you'll find our contact information.

What is covered by this Agreement? This Agreement also applies to any wireless device " Device " to be used with the Services. Only Virgin Mobile issued subscriber identity module cards " SIM Cards " , which are required to connect your Device to our networks the " Networks " and each, a " Network " , can be activated for use with the Services.

How do I accept this Agreement? How does Virgin Mobile protect my personal information? Virgin Mobile's commitment to privacy protection is found at the end of these Terms and Conditions of Service. Virgin Mobile protects your personal information in a manner consistent with Virgin Mobile's Privacy Policies available at virginmobile. By entering into this Agreement, you agree that Virgin Mobile may share your information with other Bell companies and brands as they exist over time together with Virgin Mobile, " Our Companies ".

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Does Virgin Mobile collect, use or disclose my credit information? If you are a Postpaid Member, then by accepting this Agreement you consent to our conducting credit checks on you, and our use and collection of your credit and payment history from another Bell company, credit reporting agencies or other credit grantors to assess your creditworthiness, update your information, activate your ordered services, or assist in collection efforts, all from time to time.

You also consent to our disclosure of your credit and payment history with other Bell companies, to credit reporting agencies and credit grantors to assist with assessing your creditworthiness, and to collection agencies to assist with the collection of monies owed, all from time to time.

Prepaid Services are available without a credit check. How can I be sure that Virgin Mobile has accurate contact information for my account? You are responsible for keeping the contact and payment information you provide to Virgin Mobile for yourself and any authorized users including name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, credit card or bank account information up to date. Visit virginmobile.

If you do not provide an accurate forwarding address you may forfeit any outstanding credits or deposits on your account.

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How does Virgin Mobile recommend and market its own products and services to me? Virgin Mobile, we use a number of communications to keep our members informed about the products and services Our Companies provide. We recommend products and services to you based on your account information, eligibility and your needs and preferences as determined by your purchase and use of our products and Services.

We may also reach out to inform you of ways to save, new product and Service releases and other useful information using a variety of means, including by sending you commercial electronic messages or calling you. You can unsubscribe or manage your communication preferences for commercial electronic messages by visiting virginmobile.

You will continue to receive service-related messages even if you choose not to receive marketing communications. Where are the Services available?

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Virgin Mobile and our roaming partners provide Service coverage for almost all of the populated areas in Canada and access to extensive international roaming coverage. We and our roaming partners may, from time to time and without notice, change networks or geographical coverage areas both in and out of Canada. What speed can I expect from the Services? As fast as our technology, and your Device and selected Services, allow. Virgin Mobile doesn't guarantee the Services will achieve peak speeds even if you pay extra to get higher peak speeds.

Virgin Mobile may deliver your Services from different Networks including mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks in order to facilitate optimal Network performance for the quality of Service you have selected. Please review the Responsible Use Policy for greater detail. Is always available? Is Virgin Mobile responsible for Emergency Alerts? Further details below. Virgin Mobile provides emergency call routing Service " Service " , which may not always work for a variety of reasons. Also, Service does not work with all Devices or Plans as defined in Section Section 10 sets out additional reasons that Service may not work on all Devices.

While Virgin Mobile provides emergency call routing when the Service is available and the Device is capable, it is the local government that provides the emergency response services. If you are calling from an area where emergency response services are not available, then your call may not be routed to a live operator. Contact your local government for additional information. For an explanation about Service and information about where Service may be available, please visit virginmobile. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Virgin Mobile is not responsible for any inability to access Service.

For information on Emergency Alerts and Device compatibility, please visit alertready. Will all Virgin Mobile Services work with all Devices? Virgin Mobile does not guarantee the Services, including Service, will work on all Devices, especially if the Device was not purchased directly from Virgin Mobile or if it was modified in a way which Virgin Mobile has not authorized including, but not limited to, via manufacturer or third-party software updates or downloads, third-party unlocking services or Device tampering.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your chosen Device is able to fulfill your requirements, including that it is compatible with connecting technologies if you need handsfree or similar capabilities. What happens if my Device becomes outdated? Virgin Mobile may change the minimum technology requirements for the Virgin Mobile Services in which case you may need to replace your Device. If you fail to do so, your Device might not be adequate to access the Services and your only remedy will be to cancel the affected Virgin Mobile Services.

Does Virgin Mobile issue credits for Service outages? Any credit or refund for Service unavailability is entirely at Virgin Mobile's discretion. What is the term of my Agreement? Your Agreement with Virgin Mobile has no set term, unless you enter into an Agreement with a set term " Commitment Period ". At the end of your Commitment Period, it automatically extends for no set term at your current rates, unless you cancel your Agreement, as provided in Section 55 , the Plan you subscribe to is no longer available or you select a new Plan. If you agree to a Commitment Period of 12 months or longer, Virgin Mobile will notify you 90 calendar days prior to the expiry of your Commitment Period.

Virgin Mobile provides you with a variety of subscription options when ordering Virgin Mobile Services. You can subscribe to pre-defined Services your " Plan " , add features not within the Plan that interest you an " Add-on " , and have the additional option of using and paying for certain Services as-needed " Pay-Per-Use ". The amount you must pay for any use of the Services your " Charges " will vary depending on the combination of Services you select. Any usage over and above that which is included in your Plan or Add-on is additional usage " Additional Usage " and will be charged in accordance with Section Remember that you are responsible for choosing the combination of Services that is most appropriate to your needs.

What happens if I exceed the usage limits of my Plan or Add-on? You will pay extra for that. Additional Usage will be charged to you at the Pay-Per-Use rate visit virginmobile. Will I have to pay anything in addition to the Charges described above? There may indeed be cases where additional fees " Fees " apply, for example, if a Virgin Mobile service representative completes a transaction on your behalf.

You will be notified of and must agree to a Fee before it is charged. Fees are usually charged separately from your Plan and may change from time to time in accordance with Section Certain third party app providers may charge you a fee for subscribing to their app and you are responsible for these fees.

How do I manage my account and Charges? You can review your account and your voice, text and data usage online through virginmobile. You can update account information, add Add-ons to your account, view and change your Plan details, manage which subscriber s on your account is authorized to unblock data and accept additional data charges for your account each such subscriber, an " authorized user " , edit your notification preferences for data blocks, and monitor and manage your monthly activity to ensure your usage remains within your Plan or Add-on limits through your self-serve profile.

How does Virgin Mobile calculate my usage Charges? It depends on the Service being used. Both local and long distance calls are rounded up to the nearest minute, unless otherwise stated. If you call a phone number outside of your local coverage area or if you receive a phone call when outside your local coverage area you will be charged for long distance Services. Airtime and long-distance Charges also apply to call-forwarding.

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For an explanation of local and long distance coverage areas, visit virginmobile. Virgin Mobile counts your incoming and outgoing text messages. Long text messages may be broken up into smaller segments, in which case you will be charged per segment. There may be circumstances where your Device is inactive and incoming text messages are received by the Networks but cannot be delivered to your Device.

Applicable text Charges continue to apply even if you do not immediately receive them. Interactive text messages also known as premium short code messages are counted outside of normal text message Charges and additional Fees apply. Premium short code messages can be stopped by replying to a message with the word STOP. Data usage is rounded up to the nearest kilobyte, unless otherwise stated.

Applicable data Charges apply from the moment a data transmission starts and are measured by the data sent and received by the Networks in connection with such transmission, whether or not the data request is successfully completed. This means that any of your account usage details may be greater than the data actually received by your Device in connection with the Services.

Note as well that certain third party apps may generate data usage even when you are not actively engaged in using them — it is your responsibility to understand how much data is used by your selected app s. Certain Plans or Add-ons that include data may apply to on-Device transmissions only — so if you use your Device as a modem or tether, then you may be charged Pay-Per-Use Charges for data Services. If you or any authorized user s on your account wish to unblock data on your account, then you or they may expressly consent to continued Additional Usage Charges.

If you or they do not consent, then data Services will be blocked on the account until the start of the next billing cycle You will also receive notice if your access to data Services is restricted or suspended due to a credit limit or past due amounts as set out in Section Roaming can occur in Canada or internationally. Depending on your Plan, international roaming rates may be significantly higher. Your Device may not be able to roam internationally unless you ask Virgin Mobile to enable this function and Virgin Mobile agrees to do so.

Certain Plans do not include international roaming and some Devices are unable to roam internationally. If you enable this function and enter an international roaming area, you will be advised that you are roaming internationally and be provided with details on your roaming rate Charges. For current roaming rate Charges, visit virginmobile. If you or any authorized user s on your account wish to continue using data roaming, then you and they will be given the opportunity to purchase a travel pass.

If you or they do not purchase a travel pass, then data roaming Services will be blocked on the account until the start of the next billing cycle. You will also receive notice if your access to data roaming Service is restricted or suspended due to a credit limit or past due amounts as set out in Section Rounding practices for U. What if I move during my Commitment Period? Certain Plans are only available in certain locations. Do I own the mobile number that Virgin Mobile assigns me? You do not own or acquire any right in any assigned mobile number or identifier for Virgin Mobile Services e.

Virgin Mobile may change, withdraw or re-assign any number or identifier assigned to you. Your mobile number may be automatically transmitted to the person you call, other carriers or to us. You can block this display either permanently or on a per-call basis at any time in accordance with the instructions posted from time to time on virginmobile. Can I keep my number? You are responsible for payment of fees and taxes owed to your existing service provider including any applicable cancellation fee. You are responsible for all Charges, Fees and taxes associated with the transfer from Virgin Mobile, including any applicable Early Exit Charge and unpaid account balances.

Prepaid funds are non-refundable. Please refer to Section 55 to understand how to end your Agreement. Virgin Mobile is not responsible for any interruption, disruption or disconnection of any services associated with the number which is the subject of a transfer request. Who is responsible for protecting my account and Device? You must also protect your Device from theft, unauthorized use and software corruption.

You are responsible to back up and safeguard your data, including your pictures, and text, email and voicemail messages. Virgin Mobile may also require that you take proactive measures to protect your Device for example, updating software. Virgin Mobile may delete your data and reset your Device to factory settings in certain circumstances.

If you have concerns about unauthorized persons ordering Virgin Mobile Services without your permission, you should investigate the appropriate use of parental controls, passwords and personal identification numbers for your account. You are responsible for payment of all Charges on your account which is why it is so important to protect your account and keep account information including authorized users up-to-date.

How do I use my Virgin Mobile Services responsibly? You are responsible for using the Virgin Mobile Services in a legal and sensible manner. Virgin Mobile monitors usage on the Networks to maintain the continuous, efficient operation of the Virgin Mobile Services and, where necessary, enforces the rules contained in the Responsible Use Policy.

You must comply with the Responsible Use Policy and all applicable laws when using the Virgin Mobile Services, including your safe use of Devices and Virgin Mobile reminds you that it is illegal and unsafe to drive while using your Device unless you are using handsfree capabilities.

We also recommend using the handsfree mode in any situation where you may be distracted such as biking or walking with your Device. Virgin Mobile may, but is not required to, monitor electronically or otherwise or investigate your use of Virgin Mobile Services and Networks, including Device location, Network consumption and how it affects operation and efficiency of the Networks and Virgin Mobile Services , use of Virgin Mobile Content as defined in Section 27 or your content.

Virgin Mobile may disclose any information necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental or other lawful request from any applicable jurisdiction or as necessary to operate and optimize Virgin Mobile Services and to protect itself or others and ensure Services are not being used contrary to the Responsible Use Policy.

Content It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the rights to any content you post, upload, store, transmit or communicate to others using the Virgin Mobile Services, including data, documents, videos, music, photos, etc. Virgin Mobile is not responsible for the unauthorized use or distribution of this content including third-party content. How does Virgin Mobile manage my content? Only as required to provide the Virgin Mobile Services. Virgin Mobile may use, copy, adapt, transmit, display, publish, perform and distribute your content.

You acknowledge that Virgin Mobile may store your content so you can access it, but that if you fail to access such content within a certain period of time as determined by Virgin Mobile , or if the applicable Service is modified or terminated, Virgin Mobile may delete it without notice to you. Does Virgin Mobile provide its own content?

Virgin Mobile may provide its own content as part of certain Virgin Mobile Services, including programming packages and subscriptions, pay-per-view, on-demand and interactive services, applications, a la carte programming and any other related Services that Virgin Mobile provides to you " Virgin Mobile Content ". Is the Virgin Mobile Content I subscribe to always available? Virgin Mobile will not refund Charges or credit you for any interruptions including blackout periods in your enjoyment of Virgin Mobile Content or any other content.

Virgin Mobile Content may not be redistributed, rebroadcast, transmitted or performed in any form, and no admission may be charged or any other consideration received by or for your benefit from any third party in return for allowing such third party to listen to or view any Virgin Mobile Content provided by or through Virgin Mobile. Your Device What happens if I want to upgrade my Device?

You will be required to enter into a new Agreement with Virgin Mobile at the time of the Device upgrade. Early upgrade Fees may apply. State and local sales taxes and fees may apply. Additional Rates Picture Messaging: Highlights 3G internet at home or on the go Surf the web, check email, and much more Virgin Mobile phones are compatible with Virgin Mobile service. Customer Care Prepaid customers call , Broadband2Go customers call , or contact Virgin Mobile online. Prepaid Phone Refills. Reload your prepaid phone. International Topup.

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