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That makes it far more difficult to run through every combination — known as brute-forcing. But did you know that you can set a number-only code of any length? Then, go to Change password and, from the options, set a Custom Numeric Code. Two-factor is one of the best ways to keep your account safe. If someone steals your password, they still need your phone to break into your account. For years, two-factor has been cumbersome and annoying. Now, iOS 12 has a new feature that auto-fills the code, so it takes the frustration step out of the equation — so you have no excuse.

You may be asked to switch on two-factor when you set up your phone. Just tap Turn on Two-Factor Authentication and follow the prompts. Turn on USB Restricted Mode to make hacking more difficult This difficult-to-find new feature prevents any accessories from connecting to your device — like USB cables and headphones — when your iPhone or iPad has been locked for more than an hour. The update is even better for iPhone XR users. Sure, the updates are small, but they are still handy, especially when it comes to using FaceTime.

There are, however, some downsides to the new version of iOS.

Apple iOS 12 Has 25 Great Secret Features

After updating to iOS The issue seems to be affecting users in multiple countries and seems to be a little random. Perhaps the biggest and most important addition to iOS is the addition to group FaceTime, which is a feature that was promised when Apple first unveiled iOS Next up is depth control in the iOS camera. Using depth control, you can adjust the depth-of-field in real-time previews of an image, allowing you to set the perfect amount of depth for an image.

Now, users will be able to activate a second cellular plan without the need for a second physical SIM card. Last but not least is a range of new emoji, which include characters with gray hair, red hair, and curly hair, and more representation for bald people. Apple also confirmed earlier that iOS Apple may be working hard on iOS To that end, it has launched iOS The new operating system also fixes an issue where an iPhone XS would join a 2. Last but not least, the update addresses an issue where Bluetooth would become unavailable at times.

In particular, there will be new emoji with red hair, gray hair, curly hair, and even no hair.

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There are also more emotive smiley faces, and more representation for animals, sports, and food. According to Apple, the new emoji are based on approved characters in Unicode To get the new emoji for yourself, you have to update to iOS With the release of iOS The feature will be available to all users once the final version of iOS Apple outlines additional details on its site — including information on how to set it up, how both phone numbers work with calls and text messages, managing your two carrier plans, and more.

With CarPlay, Apple has added support for third-party navigation apps rather than having to rely on Apple Maps. Other features include the ability to access lists to navigate to some of your favorite spots, and traffic updates between work and home if you set up your commute. With Siri Shortcuts, Siri is capable of much more via quick actions that can all be assigned through the new Shortcuts app. You will be able to opt-in for notifications that are important even with Do Not Disturb turned on — this can be especially useful when a healthcare provider is trying to get in touch with you about important information.

With iOS 12, Siri can also adapt to your behavioral patterns using artificial intelligence. Tapping on the suggestion will automatically open to the specific task. The more you use iOS 12, the more suggestions Siri will be able to provide you with on a daily basis. There is also a new feature that allows you to add a tongue or a wink to any Animoji. You will now be able to create an augmented reality character that resembles you — with the option to choose from different hairstyles, eye colors, and more distinct features like freckles.

Apple has also added fun effects to the iMessage camera. Users can add things like shapes, texts, filters, and stickers to their photos that they can then send within conversations. They will even be able to insert Animojis and Memojis into photos. While you have been able to easily find apps that are battery hogs on iOS for years, Apple added a new feature that allows you to see what apps use a lot of data.

Prepare for improved Maps. Apple is making major changes to its Maps app by adding more intricately detailed maps with greenery and other public landmarks. Right now, the feature is only active when looking at the San Francisco Bay Area on the app, but it will roll out in Northern California in the fall before making its way across the United States over the next year and a half. The feature automatically provides secure location data to first responders when you call Nearly a year after Apple first introduced us to the iPhone X, the tech giant is finally fixing one of the phones most annoying problems: Accidental screenshots.

Over the past year, users around the world have complained about taking accidental screenshots when pulling their phones out of their pockets. To take a screenshot in iOS 12, your phone will need to be both unlocked and the display turned on. This minor change is sure to make plenty of iPhone owners happy. Instead of pointing your camera at the code, iOS 12 will now highlight it for you to indicate that it has been detected.

For easier access to the feature, you can also now add it to your Control Center.

So when you want to scan a QR code, all you need to do is swipe into the Control Center and tap the tile to launch the feature. With iOS 12, you no longer have to long-press a card in the app switcher and then tap the minus button. Instead, all you need to do is swipe up once and then swipe up again on the app you want to specifically close out of.

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With rumors that Apple will soon remove the home button from all of its devices, iOS 12 might be further proof. Originally introduced in iOS Underneath, you will be able to see your battery usage by each individual app and the usage time. From there, you will see your maximum battery capacity in comparison to when the battery was new. In addition to updating its camera hardware for this years iPhones, Apple updated its Camera app.

The main change is that Portrait mode is improved since the app generates a mask when it detects a person in order to separate the person from the scene when processing the image. With iOS 12, there are a variety of new password features. For developers specifically, the new OS will be able to show passwords from third-party password manager apps in the QuickType suggestions on your device — using a new Password Manager API.

Apple also increased security on creating passwords. It will also automatically create a strong password for you and then store it in your Keychain.

Siri will be able to help you with passwords as well — but not yet. The latest OS also brings autofill support for third-party password managers. Whenever a login requires two-factor authentication, the new OS will automatically fill in the six-digit codes you receive through SMS on your iPhone. Face ID got a major overhaul for iOS You can now add two different Face ID profiles to unlock your phone and complete secure tasks.

In particular, iOS 12 will be focused on doubling down on performance.

Apple iOS Strips Out iPhone FaceTime Functionality

CPU performance will also be ramped up to its highest state for performance and will be ramped down just as quickly in order to preserve battery life. When transitioning from one app to the other, the transition animations are smoother and faster than they are on iOS Apple wanted to make it easier to experience augmented reality with a new file format called USDZ. Developed in partnership with Pixar, USDZ is an open file format that allows developers to create and share 3D Augmented Reality assets, all through a single and compact file format.

With the Measure app, you can easily get direct measurements of any objects around you.