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Very user-friendly and useful for group expenses. Not even just how much but it also tells whom you have to pay.

Top Android Money Manager Apps for 2018

Its worth trying. Most common issue of such app is complex UI design and useless features. I personally recommended http: Fantastic apps for expense tracking and management. Also the personal expense management could also be taken care of by this wonderful tool.

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You can have a look at keepek. We have developed and android app that can digitize your receipts.

Just snap a picture of your receipts and it will extract all key information. You can also put your receipts in reports and send them to your client or manager.

Stay on Budget

You would love to use https: Its one of the best expense manager app for managing your daily income and expenses. I can suggest also another, in my opinion, awesome expense and management app: Expense IQ http: Skip to content. Users sign in with their email address, and can then set a savings target and daily budget, log expenses and income, track expenses over time, set reminders for bills and more, all presented in a timeline feed or in a calendar.

Premium subscription packages add features like group budget tracking, foreign accounts and currency conversions, and other features. Bank account syncing isn't available though, so Wally Next will require a bit more manual tracking on the user's part. Wallet Android , iOS is another neat mobile budget and finance tool that touts a lot of best-in-class features, as well as support for multiple currencies. The app includes automatic bank syncing for your balance and expenses.

It also gives you the option to manually import entries manually, label transactions for easy tracking, and track budgets. Financial insight and other metrics and predictions display in easy visualizations to help you plan out your finances. Dollarbird Android , iOS takes a collaborative, calendar-centric approach to budgeting and expense tracking.

You can add, remove and edit expenses and income past and future in a calendar-style view, with some AI help to categorize your entries. You can then view your expenses and income in calendar and timeline mode, or via a series of handy infographics on your mobile device or through a web interface. Premium users can create multiple budgeting calendars and share them with other users to collaboratively manage and log finances and expenses — great for small teams or families. Honeyfi Android , iOS is another app built around collaborative budgeting and households in mind.

You can quickly set up a household budget as well as link your individual and household accounts to the app so that you can view all your expenses together. You can tag transactions, add comments, create categories, and have the app automatically recommend a budget and share financial insights that can help you and your partner come to grips with your expenses and plan out your finances together.

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    Apps Round-Up. I like the layout of the main page for this app. It has all your recent spendings, your total expenses and the remaining amount of money to spend all in one place. This one actually comes in at a close second for my favourite app. Also, the Monny bunny is adorable.

    Best Expense Tracker Apps for

    This expense tracker app allows you to connect to your bank account so you can transfer small amounts of money to your savings account on a frequent basis, ie. This works on a similar theory as that of saving up your loose change in a pig bank — all those small amounts of money will add up eventually to a significant portion of savings. Buxfer automatically syncs data from your bank account to keep track of your money.

    The dashboard shows you your net worth, total income and total expenses at a glance. This app classifies expenses using tags instead of fixed categories, which can be helpful when your expenses belong to more than one category. You can get a forecast of your spending and savings for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, or year. You get separate wallets for your cash and your bank account s. You can tag someone else, attach a picture or set a reminder with each transaction!

    10 best Android budget apps for money management

    The interface was simple and easy-to-use, plenty of expenses categories to choose from. How cool is that! The dashboard gives a neat overview of the expenses of the month and the remaining amount of money you can spend. The best thing is that this app offers cool services for Bank Rakyat customers, such as a map for the nearest ATM and a list of promotions.

    It also doubles up as the e-banking app for Bank Rakyat accounts.

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    This is not the most user-friendly interface though, I had to spend some time figuring out how to enter my expenses. Another expense tracker app developed right here on Malaysian soil! This app targets a more general audience instead of users of Bank Negara Malaysia alone. It provides financial advice and tips for saving, which will be good for those who want to know more about managing money wisely. We could all do with a better system of money management, especially since so much of payment nowadays are cashless.

    Thanks to our list of 12 free expense-tracking apps, at least one of them is bound to suit your needs for better managing your money, set better saving goals, and get that house or that much-needed vacation without feeling the pinch. In the meantime, we could turn to Taobao and Zalora where they frequently offer discounts in the form of Taobao vouchers and Zalora promo codes to satisfy our shopping needs.

    Yun Xuan Poon , 2 years ago 11 min read Spendee Best for: Those looking for a basic do-it-all expense tracker app A popular choice, and understandably so. Wally Best for: