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How Are Cellphones Different From Smartphones?

Feature phones have less advanced programming APIs and cannot run native applications specific to smartphone platforms. See smartphone vs featurephone below.

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Smartphones typically boast intuitive touch controls, HD video capabilities and high quality cameras. Modern feature phones, by comparison, are now starting to offer comparable functionality, albeit at a slightly more basic level, with most providing touchscreen technology, camera and video capabilities and pre-installed apps. What do you think, want to hear your contributions….

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Sometimes Smartphones Require Smart Solutions

Tongai Mwenje , what is feature phone , what is smartphone. The system is also used on Apple's iPod Touch devices, which are similar to iPhones but lack phone calling capabilities, and iPad tablets. Users are able to install software through Apple's App Store, which includes everything from dating apps to word processors.

Today, the iPhone's main competition comes from smart phones running the Android operating system, produced by Google. It comes with its own app market, called Google Play.

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BlackBerry continues to make some smart phones running its own operating system, and some smart phones running Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Apps made for one operating system generally can't run on competing platforms. Many popular apps have versions available for both iPhone and smart phone operating systems from other makers, especially Android.

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Users of iPhones have access to some Apple-made software that's not compatible with other smart phones, including the Messages text messaging app and FaceTime tool for audio and video conferencing. Some people also prefer the design of the iPhone's hardware and operating system software.

Phone buyers aren't choosing between a smart phone or an iPhone but between different types of smart phones, including the iPhone.

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