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The game tasks you to run in an unfriendly environment, go through a number of deadly obstacles by simply running, jumping, sliding…. Games Like PixelRun: Fast Infinite Runner. Android Phone Win Amazon. The game draws its inspiration from the popular Temple Run and offer s a similar game-play and other characteristics in order to engage yourself into quality gaming. Your task in the game is to run….

Games Like Cave Run 3D. Voxel Runner is a beautifully created Endless Running and Platform-based Action-Adventure video game that offers beautiful Sandbox style visuals and allows you to enjoy an amazing puzzle-platform type game-play. Voxel Runner tasks you to run and jump on top of some crazy platforms, and rooftops of the city of Cuberton,…. Games Like Voxel Runner. Android iOS Win Amazon. Despicable Me: The game has a huge player base of over million and it won an award of Favorite Endless Runner game of the year. The game allows the players to control the character of Minion….

Games Like Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Android iOS Vita Amazon. Run Sackboy! The game lets you get into the role of Sackboy, the marvelous hero of the LittleBigPlanet series. The game takes place in various environments and has a series of levels. Explore the…. Side Scrolling Single-Player. Games Like Run Sackboy! Smash Hit is an Arcade, First-person, Physics-based, and Single-player video game developed and published by Medicore.

The game takes place in the surreal world and puts you on an adventure where you have to explore the endless environment and smash everything in your path while enjoying amazing sound and music. Games Like Smash Hit. The game takes place in a stunning world filled with obstacles and hurdles. Control a character and jump your way while avoiding obstacles and other traps. Your main task is…. Games Like Boson X. The game provides you with fast-paced and action-packed gameplay and allows you get into the game world and amuse yourself by completing various exciting objectives. In the game, your main task….

In the game, your main task is to kill…. Games Like Zombie Killer Squad. Danger Dash by the popular GameLoft is one of the most challenging and exciting games that offers beautiful resemblances to the popular Temple Run series games and offers a similar gaming experience. The game lets you be a courageous adventurer and an explorer named as Chuck Ace who goes on…. Games Like Danger Dash. If you are a Puppy Lover and you love to hang out with your puppy or puppies, this brilliant game named as Puppies Out is absolutely a must for you. Puppies Out offer a beautiful combination of pure Endless Running, Action-Adventure and Platforming elements and lets you have a totally….

Games Like Puppies Out. Android Phone Amazon. The game lets you assume the role the protagonist, who is a snowboarder. In the game, your primary task is to come down through the slopes of the mountain. During the gameplay, you…. Games Like iStunt 2. In the game, you can assume the role of the protagonist named as Fred, who is a child. Games Like Super Falling Fred. Jurassic Runner developed by Twilight Studios takes you to the World of Ancient wonders and leaves you right in the middle of an amazing and mysterious jungle in a totally unforgiving environment that consists of all the wild beasts and people from the Stone Ages.

The game allows you to…. Games Like Jurassic Runner. The game provides you with action-packed and fast-paced gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in epic Endless runner experience. In the game, you can control the main protagonist named as Jetpack Joyride. Games Like Monster Dash. Voxel Rush is a fantastic new Action-Adventure, Platform and Endless Running video game that offers a little bit of Racing touch with the core game-play and allows you to have an exciting experience of all the versatile genres and enjoy spending your time of quality gaming.

With minimalist and quite…. Endless Running Single-Player. While gameplay is exactly the same, Agent Dash Temple Run 1. Download Alternatives to Temple Run. Thanks for voting! Subway Surfers 1. Download Alternatives to Subway Surfers. Rail Rush 1. Download Alternatives to Rail Rush. Temple Run: Brave 1. Download Alternatives to Temple Run: Jetpack Joyride 1. Download Alternatives to Jetpack Joyride. Lara Croft: Relic Run 1. Download Alternatives to Lara Croft: Relic Run. Ski Safari 1. Download Alternatives to Ski Safari.

Run and Gun. Games Like Agent, Run! Boulder Jack is a best 3D endless runner video game where you will need to run for your life from a deadly boulder. Unlike other video games in the style Boulder Jack uses an invert camera angle hat has Jack running towards you filled with afraid facial movement. This provides the video game a totally new learning curve for supporters of endless running games as getting used to the handles….

Games Like Boulder Jack. Looney Tunes Dash! Unlike some other games that feature limited goals Loonty Tunes Dash!

Starting as fan favorite Bugs Bunny gamers will need to run, jump, slide as well as smash their way through levels while being chased by…. Games Like Looney Tunes Dash! Storm Rush a video game that challenges you to set distance records as you fly via a colorful game world. Providing a fast knowledge that speedily becomes addictive as well as frustrating.

The idea of Storm Rush is easy, gamers move right and left across the track while avoiding the colored pillars that spawn on the track. Games Like Storm Rush. Unlike some other endless runners Verticus offers you falling through the sky, there are no lanes or paths here to restrict your freedom having a complete degrees of area for you to glide through. Games Like Verticus. TheEndApp is a endless runner game that follows the same format by the game Temple Run, set in a period when the earth is collapsing to an end, by which all you are able to do is run for your life and try to gather as much tape along the way.

Therefore, the rolls of tape will serve as cash and will be utilized to unlock unique capabilities and various…. Games Like TheEndApp. You may choose between various nuns from the original game. That said, at the start you are able to only use the main character, since the rest have to be unlocked by playing and getting…. Temple Run 2 builds on the principles of the unique Temple Run to provide new updates and also a more difficult adventure to once again capture the interest of endless running fans.

This experience is definitely best for the more expert players in the genre that are wanting a challenge. Primary game-play in Temple Run 2 is different very little with gamers managing their character in a similar method to…. Games Like Temple Run 2. Rail Rush provides with an immersive gameplay and allows you to engage yourself in the fun filled the fantastic world, in which you are inside a cart rail, and you can start exploring the world.

In the game, you must collect coins and various other items to buy upgrades and many other….

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Games Like Rail Rush. The game sets in a deadly jungle. In the game, you must have to escape from that place due to a raging volcano. While you are running in the game you must have to collect ancient relics and…. Games Like Pitfall. The game is set in a Tropical Island and you can assume the role of a Treasure Hunter. You are stuck on godforsaken Island. Then suddenly you saw some hungry cannibals, who are coming toward you in order to get some meal.

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There is only one way…. The game is set in a particle accelerator. You are running on the massive particles and must have to build your speed into the particle accelerator and create high energy collisions to find and create strange new particles. Games Like Boson X. You are able to play this game with one button, just jump.

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In the game, you have to escape from the city which is now going toward destruction. In the game, you must have to run in order to save yourself. The game features side-scrolling element and…. Games Like Canabalt HD. Android iOS Win.

2. Run n’ Gun

In the game, you have to guide a 4 legged animal called The Doodler. You are able to move the character in any direction as you want. Your character is able to jump on the platforms to get progress in the game, and also can get a short boost from different objects such…. Games Like Doodle Jump. In the game, you act as a Giant Boulder, that is falling from the huge mountain. As the Boulder speeds up it will destroy everything that comes in its path such as Villages, Cars, Yetis, Golden Cows, and also crush everything in order to earn points, your task….

Games Like Giant Boulder of Death. Iron Man 3 gameplay is similar to Temple Run video game. In the game, the player controls the protagonist named as Tony Stark in his Iron Man armor. The player has to collect objects to increase score points and complete the level.

Agent Dash - iOS and Android

You must have to defeat villains to earn points…. Games Like Iron Man 3. In the game, Animals, Avalanches, and Action come together to build a new gameplay experience. You have to slide down from the slope of the mountain due to an avalanche that is slowly coming toward you. You have to increase your speed and avoid obstacles in order to save your character from…. Games Like Ski Safari.

Agent Dash

In the game, the player has to aim anything and shoot with metal balls to smash the targets in order to get score points. In the game, you are able to journey through an otherworldly dimension, and can move in harmony with unusual and exciting sound and music and must smash…. Games Like Smash Hit.

The game is set in a Wonderfully themed mystical cube. In the game, you must run in order to solve various puzzles along the way. The game environment is fabulously filled with various obstacles and animals. In the game, you are able to run, jump and swipe to avoid various sorts of obstacles. Games Like Wonder Cube. The city of the game world is full of people and many other…. Games Like Angry Gran Run. The game takes you in a challenging and beautiful game environment where you have to run to live alive from Bull who follows you to capture. In the game, you have to collect coins and other items in order to increase your player speed and can get special abilities for a….