Flappy bird iphone selling price

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Whether this is all legit or a stunt is unclear at this point. Calls to eBay asking about validity of these bids were not returned on Monday.

Before one of the highest-flying auctions were cancelled though, the seller identified as kristenator91 responded in an email to questions from MarketWatch:. When someone bid one thousand I freaked out and then it went to seven thousand.

Flappy Bird devices selling for thousands of dollars on eBay

Perhaps eBay is just taking down the bigger ones. CNET News.


Each time a player taps the screen, the bird moves upward. Some reports said that the games developer had gotten death threats. At the very least, responses to the tweet that is going away were a bit intense:. Or in other words, the whole thing sounds bogus at best.

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  2. Some (but not all) listings apparently being pulled for violating eBay policies..
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