Applications of philosophy in society

In this regard, business models, concepts and strategies are certainly still a necessity. But in order to keep improving them, philosophy demands attention. This is the interdisciplinary potential of business and philosophy. Is philosophy really a passport to a successful career in business? No, but it is definitely not irrelevant. Not for business. Not for career progress.

Not for society. Photo used under Creative Commons from Walknboston at Flickr. Big Think's amazing audience has responded so well to our videos from NASA astronomer and Assistant Director for Science Communication Michelle Thaller that we couldn't wait to bring her back for more! And this time, she's ready to tackle any questions you're willing to throw at her, like, "How big is the Universe? You know what to do, Big Thinkers! Lumina Foundation is partnering with Big Think to unearth the next large-scale, rapid innovation in post-high school education.

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Imagination is sometimes claimed to be a uniquely human ability, and it has long intrigued psychologists. An emphasis on personal responsibility might explain why conservatives tend to be in better physical health than liberals. Login Create Account. Strange Maps. The world's watersheds, mapped in gorgeous detail. See all our Newsletters Podcasts. Think Again Podcasts. Ha Jin on the wild and tragic life of China's greatest poet, Li Bai.

Really actually truly great English with the copy chief of Random House.

Why Philosophy Is Still Relevant - And Has Useful Applications | HuffPost UK

Ask it here! Strange Maps 22 months of Syria's civil war condensed into a 1-minute video. Videos What makes someone gay? Science is trying to get it straight. Big Think for Business. Got a question for a real NASA astronomer? Here's all you need to know to submit your science-related inquiries. Keep reading Show less. Lumina Foundation. Sponsored by Lumina Foundation. New study finds strength of imagination not associated with creative ability or achievement If you have a strong imagination, this won't help you with academic study. Why are conservatives healthier than liberals? Personal responsibility, study suggests.

A growing body of research suggests there's some relationship between our measurable personality traits and our political beliefs. A recent study examined the relationship between political beliefs, personal responsibility and overall health. The results suggest that an emphasis on responsibility might explain health differences between liberals and conservatives.

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The Importance of Logic and Philosophy

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Surprising Science. Scientists claim the Bible is written in code that predicts future events. Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia.

Why Philosophy Is Still Relevant - And Has Useful Applications

The 12 high-school cliques that exist today, and how they differ from past decades. Hannah Arendt on why some people are immune to fact-checking. Sex robot brothel in Texas sparks controversy and ethical questions. It teaches critical thinking, close reading, clear writing, and logical analysis; it uses these to understand the language we use to describe the world, and our place within it.

Different areas of philosophy are distinguished by the questions they ask.

Together they provide a means for thinking deductively

Do our senses accurately describe reality? What makes wrong actions wrong? How should we live? These are philosophical questions, and philosophy teaches the ways in which we might begin to answer them. Students who learn philosophy get a great many benefits from doing so.

The tools taught by philosophy are of great use in further education, and in employment. Despite the seemingly abstract nature of the questions philosophers ask, the tools philosophy teaches tend to be highly sought-after by employers.


Philosophy students learn how to write clearly, and to read closely, with a critical eye; they are taught to spot bad reasoning, and how to avoid it in their writing and in their work.