Nokia lumia 520 battery life problem

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Lumia 520 battery draining extremely after official cyan update

Knowledge Base. Give help. Nokia Lumia battery suddenly drained - any ideas? Started by: All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Nokia Lumia review: Performance, internet and battery life | TechRadar

This morning at 7am the battery was totally drained, dead as a dodo. What on earth could have drained it give that it was in flight mode and therefore wouldn't have been connected to data or WiFi? Message 1 of Accepted Solutions. Best Answer set by dozyrosy.

The 520 has new software, and it's even cheaper

Message 10 of Maybe it's just a faulty battery , has it re-charged back up ok now? Message 2 of It's charging at the moment.

Lumia Phones Battery Problem Fixed!

I assume it's charging up okay but I guess I won't know until I unplug it and start using it? Message 3 of If its quite a new battery the first few charges then that might well be normal. Message 4 of Message 5 of Thanks folks - it's a new-ish battery in that I've had the phone probably 6 weeks.

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I think the battery has only fully run down once or twice in that time so maybe that's why? I have plugged the phone into charge and will make sure it's fully charged before unplugging and using it. When you say clean the contacts, I presume you mean the battery contacts? So I just take the battery out and give it a clean with a cloth? Excuse the stupid question but it's not something I've ever had to do before! That's a slight boost over the mAh battery found in the Nokia Lumia , but some way short of the mAh battery packed into the Ascend W1.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review - Camera, Battery Life and Verdict Review

The slight bump in battery size equated to a slight bump in performance over the Lumia , but it's an important improvement. While the Lumia would sometimes struggle to make it through a day, the Lumia generally seemed fine — though you'd still normally need to charge it overnight. That's not brilliant performance, but when used in other ways — for example phone calls, playing music, sending texts and so on, the Nokia Lumia performed a lot better and unless you're watching a lot of videos you should easily get a day's use out of it.

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  • This might not be surprising considering both handsets have the same battery, however it means that the newer Lumia doesn't seem to benefit from any more energy efficient technology compared to its older brother. Nokia rates the Lumia for up to hours of standby time over 3G, If the battery doesn't live up to your expectations there is a battery saver, which prevents apps from syncing in the background.

    You can also invest in a spare battery, since it's easily removable if you just pop the back off the phone. Current page: