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We are frustrated but if you can demonstrate you are listening we wont go elsewhere. Lets keep the dialogue on an adult level, so that we actually will get a response from Microsoft. Hi Guys, I dont use it for the net so IE: Holy crap no, you guys are going to make me quit my job as a web developer. Please reconsider your browser engine choice. Since when is IE6 "next generation"? And you wonder why people would rather have an iPhone….

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But I agree with most the others that say you should make it downloadable for existing phones. The current version of IEM that is on my phone is one of the largest reasons I am thinking of switching to either an iPhone or the new google phone. Market Windows mobile more! Apple is keen on marketing. So, why not market Zune or something as a feature? Show Windows mobile some love! Improve the browser. Have you ever used SkyFire? With free maybe even better.. When Microsoft annouced Windows mobile 6. Apple provides updates for the iPhone.

Improve the ui. I mean.. What are you guys doing? How did Google beat the veteran that is Microsoft!? Are you serious!?

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  8. This is going to be the most broken browser ever. Acheive standards compliance or go home. Just like how Firefox brought back innovation and choice into the desktop browser space, Fennec will do the same for the mobile browser space.

    # _How To Run High Speed Internet Explorer On Android Phone

    Fennec runs the latest Firefox 3. This is funny, why this page is loading correctly in Opera?! I thought this page was created for IE! What are you people Microsoft doing, living in a cave? Do you not realize that IE6 is the most despised browser out there by designers and developers? Poor, poor windows mobile users…. When you use IEM6, you will get stole your passwords, you will not get a good formated page, a poor flash support, and of course it might be attacked by viruses, and malware, all that if you can get your device to run it!

    The problem, Khush, and the rest of the dev team here, is that Windows Mobile is running out of steam and is in last place. But the interface sucks, and the user ended up paying more for it. Everything you do on Windows Mobile nearly requires a stylus, or an accurate finger, or some patience. And then you come out with an announcement of a new browser, and then tell us that "it will only be available on new devices because of the performance requirements? Do you people just accept the fact that your competitors consistently beat you over the head with a smaller, faster, yet equally-capable trout every goddamn time?

    Yet another piece of Microsoft news that pushes me ever closer to installing Linux. You guys have forgotten how to compete. And it really makes me sorry. I would be nice to see a response from you Microsoft on the matter. I do not think anybody is really clear on what will happen with WM in the future. Currently this subject appears to be the most commented subject overall on the WM team blog, but the lack the response from MS is obvious.

    I did not run the ACID tests, but mr.

    The Pocket or Mobile Internet Explorer

    Just sad to find out that Microsoft either have not learned the lesson about standards yet, or lacks the capability to hire enough people to implement the standards. Can you Buy Windows Mobile 6. I dont want to get it that way as Im not sure whether it is legal to do so. You can read more of my thoughts here: Although IE6 suffers from several known issues and I generally agree with many comments in this thread, I also guess that this might have been due to a much lesser memory usage when comparing to contemporary rendering engines at least, comparing to IE7 and IE8.

    Nevertheless, I tend to agree that this might be the business-happy, safe decision to render nowadays sites flawlessly. Nevertheless, from the already referred experiments, a bug in IEM6 was derived: This happens whenever the target redirection URL is longer than 64 characters in length, and usually results in deceiving HTTP not found pages.

    Pls kill the current calc app and show us that you have taste and a sense of creativity and realism.

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    Noticed that, in my previous comment [1], I forgot to mention that the redirection failure happens due to URL truncation to the referred 64 characters. Now with even more speed and bugfixes. Fennec 1. Is there anu posible way to download internet explorer 6 or 7 or maybe firefox2 on my nokia e My web mail on Scalix suported only those browsers. Tnx, Dex. There needs to be available updates available for those who spend the money for these high performance phones.

    If not MS will end up loosing out to The I phone and other software makers. If you are going to take the time to make a mobile os and browser you should make it available to those who have it already and let it be on the user to see if the phone they have will suport it. I did love Windows Mobile 6. I look forward to WM6. But the sentiments above my post are all summed up in one sentence: Why should customers buy a new Windows Mobile device if the updates to the OS require brand new phones?

    Inside Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 6.5

    A three-four year development cycle per OS with two years overlapping the last two years of the old for new devices would make more sense: This is why users are peeved: Iris Browser looks to have leaped all the self-sufficient browsers available at this time Opera Mobile, NetFront, etc. Now I found the "window. Now seeing this page makes me want to cry and rip the hair out of my head. Some of the cool features available with Internet Explorer Mobile 6 are: Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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    Surface Pro

    January 1, at 3: Werner Ruotsalainen says: January 5, at 8: January 7, at 2: January 9, at 5: January 18, at Micah says: January 19, at February 10, at February 26, at Ronnie Ren says: March 19, at Jasua says: The URL bar doubles as a search bar. Type a term to see three common domain suffixes, and an option to search using the phone's default engine. Too bad. Anything that reduces typing is a mobile-phone owner's boon.

    IE Mobile 6 displays a number of context menus when you hold down on various parts of the screen on touch-screen phones--these features are tucked into a menu on phones with keyboards. If your phone supports Flash Lite 3, you'll be able to stream video directly from sites like YouTube. Having Internet Explorer Mobile 6 trigger the phone's multimedia player click "Watch now" yielded richer video and more granular playback controls. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. Introducing Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Microsoft's version 6.

    Internet Explorer Mobile 6 – Windows Mobile Team Blog

    October 5, Caption: Jessica Dolcourt Photo: Navigation buttons Let's take a closer look at the navigation icons, which, from left to right, represent the back button, favorites menu, keyboard, zoom slider, and More menu. Hands-on Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Updated: Double take Here's the same More menu.

    Favorites The navigation buttons change in the Favorites menu, letting you add, edit, and trash URLs and folders. InvisiNav Now you see it, now you don't. Two views Here's another addition to Internet Explorer Mobile 6: You are here If you zoom in enough in desktop mode, you may lose your way in relation to the page. Search suggestions The URL bar doubles as a search bar. Working with links IE Mobile 6 displays a number of context menus when you hold down on various parts of the screen on touch-screen phones--these features are tucked into a menu on phones with keyboards.

    Introducing Internet Explorer Mobile 6

    Hello, video If your phone supports Flash Lite 3, you'll be able to stream video directly from sites like YouTube. Up Next.

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